Intelligent Content Conference   Dates: 3/28/2017 - 3/30/2017   Location: The M Resort Spa & Casino, Henderson, NV
ICC 2017 Las Vegas is the one content strategy event specifically designed for marketing practitioners. Our goal is the movement away from the copy/paste mentality of most marketers, toward a format-free, modular and single-source approach to content creation and distribution.

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Embracing Your Passions as a Marketer

In this conversation, Jeff Julian and Vishal Khanna discuss the need to grow as marketers and ways to consider the different approaches from different trades for becoming better at what we do.Read More

Jeff Coyle on Finding Marketing Insights for Your Efforts

In this show, Pamela Muldoon sits down with Jeff Coyle to discuss marketing insights and changes in digital marketing that most marketers might not know about.Read More

Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE) often is wrong way to go with images, says @BuddyScalera. #intelcontent
With text messaging, the customer decides when to interact, says @Ardath421. #intelcontent
85% of mobile device users prefer a text from businesses over phone calls or emails - Just 1 of 13 reasons text mes…
Don’t make surface-level assumptions from your #content audit, advises @PegMiller. #intelcontent
Speed directly affects a page’s organic mobile search rankings, says Google’s @AveryCavanah. #intelcontent
Speed directly affects a page’s organic mobile search rankings, says Google’s @AveryCavanah. #intelcontent
Speed directly affects a page’s organic mobile search rankings, says Google’s @AveryCavanah. #intelcontent
Technology is outpacing our ability to comprehend what we can do with it, says @robert_rose. #intelcontent
#ArtificialIntelli... may be the engine, but content is the fuel, says @pavan_arora. #intelcontent
Social Media Muse and Views is out! #cmworld #intelcontent
Miss ICC? Check out these three takeaways from @MarciaRJohnston. #intelcontent

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How The Structure of Graphic Novels Can Drive Your Content Strategy

In this episode, Buddy Scalera explains how important it is for teams to understand Content Strategy and to drive a story that can quickly bring people up to speed and continue them on a journey that…Read More

Poker Game 3 with the UBM Team at the Intelligent Content Conference

At ICC, we were able to host a poker game with only UBM/CMI staffers and talk to them about the event, their team, and some of the things they love.Read More

If you missed @crestodina at Intelligent Content Conference, you'll want to read this recap by @Genevieve_Dietz. (N…
Always good to see this team at work. Grateful they could be at #intelcontent. Next up, #CMWorld!
ion + ICC= another successful year. Read more about our experience at #intelcontent!
Here's a recap with some great takeaways from #intelcontent, including tips on using #chatbots for business. "Thin…
The latest Content and Data-Driven Marketing Insights! #intelcontent
“Technology is outpacing our ability to comprehend what we can do with it.” #intelcontent
The latest Content and Data-Driven Marketing Insights! #contentmarketing #intelcontent
Structure sets your content free, says @CarrieHD. #intelcontent Read more >>
@MarciaRJohnston Hi Marcia! Looking to network to find candidates with a unique combo of skills: part developer, we…
Want a quick look at what went on at Intelligent Content Conference? Check out this blog post written by @nDashCo's…
@PamDidner Wish we could have spent more time chatting last week at #intelcontent, Pam! Will have to figure out a w…
@concured We have such awesome friends. Can't thank you enough for you support of ICC! #intelcontent

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Noz Urbina on Customer Journey Mapping and Intelligent Content Modeling

In this podcast, Noz Urbina and Pamela Muldoon discuss the important aspects of customer journeys and how marketers can create useful tools that align with their prospect and customer goals.Read More

Andrea Neiman on the State of Content Consumption in B2B

In this episode, Jeff sits down with Andrea Neiman of NetLine to talk about a report they released called the State of Content Consumption and Demand Report. Inside, they use real data to show you th…Read More

Miss ICC? Check out these three takeaways from @MarciaRJohnston. #intelcontent
Structure sets your content free, says @CarrieHD. #intelcontent Read more >>
Wanna build a bot? Think about what’s unique to your org and what you can do. @GavinAustinSays #intelcontent
Amanda shares takeaways from her session at ICC. Great writeup for those who could not attend #intelcontent.
It's been one week and we're still soaking up all of the knowledge we gain from speakers like @content_fairy,…
We wanted to thank @CMIContent for hosting an amazing Intelligent Content Conference this year! Also a big shout-ou…
We wanted to thank @CMIContent for hosting Intelligent Content Conference this year! Also a big shout-out to…
@ckolar10 @CMIContent HT to @paulroetzer, who supplied all the content for this post (and all the content for the e…
Oops! Meant to cite you, @AYakkundi. Sorry about that. Thanks for the excellent lunch-and-learn session at the…
@brianwpiper After a week at the hotel, we bet this was a nice way to decompress and take in all things #intelcontent!
@carmenhill You and @debword are making us blush! Love you both could join us in Vegas! Until next time! #intelcontent

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Peg Miller on Ongoing Education of Marketing Professionals

In this episode, Peg Miller, Co-founder of the B2B Marketing Academy sits down with Jeff Julian to discuss ongoing education resources for marketers and why it is always important to be investing in y…Read More

Doug Bell on SearchMetrics and the Dilemma of Content Quantity and Quality in Content Mark…

Search ranking factors are becoming more elusive. Doug Bell, VP of Marketing at Searchmetrics, and host Jeff Julian discuss the future of SEO.Read More

@mohamedhk @VocalinkGlobal Can't wait to hear how you put it all to use! #intelcontent
Writing and Editing for #SmallBiz Marketing is out! #intelcontent
The latest Content and Data-Driven Marketing Insights! #intelcontent
@BerrakBiz No set dates yet, but you will be among the first to know when we do! #intelcontent
@kpodnar Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your knowledge with our attendees! Hope to see y…
The latest Content and Data-Driven Marketing Insights! #contentmarketing #intelcontent
?? Stay in touch with all our ICC speakers and sponsors. Follow our Twitter list. #intelcontent
Something's in my one told me we'd be talking about the saddest movie ever... #intelcontent
@nozurbina @CMIContent Thank you, Noz! Safe travels and thank you for all your support and for sharing your experti…
@nozurbina Until next time, Noz! #intelcontent

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Cathy McPhillips on Marketing at the Content Marketing Institute

What drives Content Marketing Institute? Cathy McPhillips, VP of Marketing at CMI, and host Jeff Julian chat about the strategy behind CMI conferences.Read More

Matthew Balogh Talks About the Role of Content Engineer

Content needs its own engineers, these days. Matthew Balogh and Jeff Julian examine the opportunities that technology has created for intelligent content.Read More

The spirit of Pixar: What can you get away with? What if? - Andrew Gordon #intelcontent
As I sit here listening to @splinedoctor - between all the numbers, data, reports, automation, etc that we're doing…
"What if..." is my all-time favorite question. :) #intelcontent
@RaniaOteify1 @splinedoctor Me too! I've raised my kids to his work...excited to learn more and be inspired. :) #intelcontent
@LeighTweetsNYC Fortunately you can take the music home with you. We have a playlist! #intelcontent
@momsapronstring That's the way to go out! Ice cream FTW! #intelcontent
?? Our attendees were all smiles this week. We have photos from ICC on our Facebook page. Check to see if we caught…
Your to-do list for a chatbot: Step 4. @nozurbina #intelcontent

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Creating Personas That Work

Buyers personas today are missing two things: depth and context. Ardath Albee dives deep into the complexities of building usable personas developing engaging content.Read More

IntelContent Poker Game #2 - Pulizzi, Khanna, Abler, Ames

Watch the second of three poker games held at the Intelligent Content Conference with Joe Pulizzi, Andrea Ames, Carlos Abler, and Vishal Khanna. Jeff Julian is the MC for the event, and Pamela Muldoo…Read More

Your to-do list for a chatbot: Step 3. @nozurbina #intelcontent (Hey, Noz, would you pleeeez post #2?)
Your to-do list for a chatbot: Step 1. @nozurbina #intelcontent
?? We have the coolest friends. Here’s a shoutout to @contently, @concured, and all our ICC sponsors! #intelcontent
The intelligent content you must have for chatbots helps everywhere else. @nozurbina #intelcontent
Content components feed various outputs. @nozurbina #intelcontent
A taxonomists’ role is tightly tied to content. It’s foundational to anything related to AI, dynamic content, and p…
To get chatbot-ready, set up content in short Q & A form. @nozurbina #intelcontent

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Andrea Ames on Creating Content Experiences with IBM

In this episode, Jeff talks with Andrea Ames, Content Strategist, Architect, and Designer at IBM, about how her team is changing the way IBM approaches to content creation, design, and customer experi…Read More

Pam Didner on the Design of a Global Content Marketing Effort

In this episode, Pam Didner and Jeff Julian discuss the new for Global Content Marketing teams and how you can get started by using the resources you already have if you are facing this issue.Read More

Ideally, pair up your existing content with bot questions (vs wasting time writing fresh content just for a bot). N…
Content type “concept” (vs. “task”) goes with “What is” questions to a chatbot. @nozurbina #intelcontent
What happens after the click is where the rubber meets the road @heatherfoeh @lookbookhq #intelcontent
If you're not going to use the data you'd glean from adding a new tool every day, don't do it. Focus on the technol…
Once you have your buyer's attention keep it by spoonfeeding them more content during the same session to create en…
To get started creating a chatbot, prioritize what you’ll support with the bot. Find out what people are asking. @nozurbina #intelcontent
Taking content from passive to active takes purposeful orchestration to remove barriers @heatherfoeh @lookbookhq @#intelcontent

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Marcia Johnston on Content Marketing and Her Mission to Love Her Neighbors

Marcia Johnston, author and content strategy consultant, sits down with Michelle Julian to talk about her current project of learning more about her neighbors. During this show, Marcia and Michelle…Read More

First Enterprise Marketer Poker Game from ICC17

Watch the first of three poker games held at the Intelligent Content Conference with Robert Rose, Matthew Balogh, Buddy Scalera, and Andrea Fryrear. Jeff Julian is the MC for the event, and Pamela Mu…Read More

Chat scripts (conversational interfaces) use variable bits and fixed bits of info. @nozurbina #intelcontent
Great reminder from @bediscontent: There's no existing solution for your brand. You're building it. And your goal i…
Conversational interface = CI. Could be text, voice, or hybrid. @nozurbina #intelcontent
How do big companies have relationships with people like people have with people? That’s the challenge. Chatbots ca…
@contently @JoeLazauskas That Joe is kinda a big deal! #intelcontent
?? Which ICC session will be your last of the conference? #intelcontent
You—anyone—can go out and play with IBM Watson. “All IBM wants is your corpus.” @valswisher #intelcontent
Here’s how a cognitive system keeps learning. People tell it, Yes, that’s the right answer. Over time, the wrong an…
A chatbot is not a cognitive system (though you could connect it to one). @valswisher #intelcontent
Step 3 in making computers smart: Ingest the curated content. @valswisher #intelcontent
Step 2 in making computers smart: Curate the content (by humans). This takes time and expertise. @valswisher
Step 1 in making computers smart: Upload ton of content. @valswisher #intelcontent
How computers make sense of a sentence. @valswisher #intelcontent
@mdeziel Oh no! Maybe the content gods want you to stay with us just a little longer. #intelcontent

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?? How are you starting your afternoon? ICC breakout sessions begin again in 15 minutes. #intelcontent
Don't miss @heatherfoeh jaw dropping session at 3pm today at #IntelContent. Learn how to guide your #b2b customers…
Remember the result of email marketing / nurture program is a hand off to sales whereas the resultsof SMS is real,…
Great ICC breakout sessions to end the morning! #intelcontent
?? Lunch is served. Enjoy! ?? #intelcontent
@Entmktr @CMIContent Taking the pic is one thing, but tweeting it?! lol But thank you. Overly kind words, my friend…
We are learning so much at ICC this year, and having amazing conversations with all the attendees! Thanks…
@MoninaW is our favorite #socialmediamarketing and community wrangler (@CMIContent) in our space! She is everywher…
I wish more #b2b #martech companies created robust, local user groups. SMS text would perform well here IMO.…
@MarciaRJohnston @GavinAustinSays Excited to sit with @MoninaW to share a couple notes from this presentation. Than…
We are learning so much at ICC this year, and having amazing conversations with all the attendees! Thanks…
Iterate, iterate, iterate your chatbots scripts. You’ll learn a lot as people interact. @GavinAustinSays #intelcontent
Map your bot’s purpose, outcomes, actions. @GavinAustinSays #intelcontent
Coming to a town near you: The @rbcarter & @jkkalinowski Content Marketing Dance & Jazz Revival! #intelcontent
Define your chatbot’s character and purpose. @GavinAustinSays #intelcontent
Ardath Albee (@ardath421) giving me some great ideas on how to incorporate #SMS into my promotion and engagement ch…
Weep not, writers. Tons of content has to be curated to create chatbots scripts. @GavinAustinSays #intelcontent
It seems the enthusiasm b2bs have creating mobile apps need to wane. The opportunity for growth is SMS text! ??…
Not yet considering text messaging in your B2B marketing mix? Maybe it’s time... Eye opening stats from @ardath421

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Wanna build a bot? Think about what’s unique to your org and what you can do. Don’t try to build Siri or Alexa.…
Texting is the number one feautre on a smart phone. @ardath421 exposing us to the possibilities for b2b and 1:1 on-…
80% of consumers say a company responding immediately when they reach out for help influences their loyalty ~ @GavinAustinSays #intelcontent
?? Breakout sessions start in 5 minutes! #intelcontent
@PegMiller You're a rock star! And stars deserve a gold record! #intelcontent
When choosing content tech, don't aim for "where the puck is going" if you're struggling to handle the stick where…
@contently @JoeLazauskas How can you not get excited about socks?? #intelcontent
Have you visited with ICC sponsors @atomic_reach, @MarketMuseCo, and @WidenEnterprise? They'd love it if you stopped by! #intelcontent
I’m thrilled to see @WidenEnterprise used as an example of driving business results through content. Thanks,…
?? ICC friends, grab refreshments before you head to your next session! #intelcontent
Today at 3:00 I’ll be showing gratuitous pictures of chocolate chip cookies in my presentation at #intelcontent. You’ve been warned.
Trade-offs to consider when choosing content tools. Whatever you trade off, do what you can to ameliorate.…
Don’t choose a content tool without test-driving it! @tonybyrne #intelcontent
Whatever the framework you’re using to inform content creation, don’t lose focus on the audience. Great reminder fr…
Define what you need in a content tech. Create a short list of vendors that fits (not a list someone gave you).…
Empathize when selecting content tech: Ask vendor not “do you...?” but “how do you...?” (based on deep understandin…
.@shawnadahlin and Kevin Hope shares how to use data to tell if your content is making a difference. #intelcontent
Do a competitive proof of concept (a “bake-off”). Must get your teams’ hands on the product. If vendor says no, wal…
Apply design thinking when selecting content technology. @tonybyrne #intelcontent

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The map itself (so you can finally see it) via @TonyByrne #intelcontent
?? If you could ask ICC keynote Andrew Gordon any question about culture, storytelling, or just about anything, what…
Today, ICC attendees are learning about the hidden science of storytelling with @contently's @JoeLazauskas.…
Uberflip: Only 10 minutes until our CMO shares his knowledge on personalizing content experiences at scale in Molise 3! #IntelContent
Replace manual processes w automated ones. Improve content syndication. Less room for error—increases content quali…
Shawna Dahlin (@shawnadahlin of @Microsoft) and Kevin Hope (Merit Direct) at #IntelContent discussing #bigdata and…
@GavinAustinSays We'll be waiting for your next single! #intelcontent
@dustycd I like to say throw up the bat signal & see who comes running. Best content comes from those who WANT to do it. #intelcontent
Top tips: Communicate w people outside your dept (@whitaknee). Build a coalition of the willing; make them heroes (…
?? Breakout sessions begin in 15 minutes. Which #intelcontent track will you be following? ?? Core Concepts ?? Futur…

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Starting in just 15 minutes: "Unifying Multichannel Publishing with a Master Content Model at Mayo Clinic", 9:30 -…
Journalists care very much about readers/audience opinions of their work & I think that's truly important in content marketing #intelcontent
Journalists have to know audience and earn their interest. Easier to transition from journalism to marketing than v…
Yes! Must have blend of journalism + marketing to do this well. Easier to teach journalist to do marketing. #intelcontent
It can take a long time to develop writers who can tell your stories well. @dustycd #intelcontent
For Health Essentials, we operate as a newsroom. All editors have journalism experience. Publish 3-5 articles/day. #intelcontent
Cultivate relationships with freelancers as long-time contributors. @lukekintigh #intelcontent
Traditional marketers want to talk about ourselves. Traditional journalists don't. Hard to find external writers wh…
Now that's a great idea! Any ICC attendees think they can make this happen? ?? #intelcontent
@ClevelandClinic we use @WordPress & @Sitecore. We'll share how we've made it work successfully at 3:00. #intelcontent
Publishing teams and dev teams (and other siloed teams) need to learn to speak each other's language. @whitaknee (w…
It can be painful (and worthwhile) to get to the point of using the same tools across teams. @whitaknee #intelcontent
One of my biggest takeaways from #intelcontent is to be extremely grateful for my relationship w/ @mbakaitis Content strategy + tech = WIN
?? ICC, do you have a question for Andrew Gordon, our closing keynote? Tweet us for a chance to have it answered on…
It was wonderful to have you here in Vegas! Grateful you could join us. #intelcontent
If you want to learn more about how to leverage content in different CMS experiences come hear @mbakaitis & I present today! #intelcontent
How top-of-funnel content at iQ by Intel provides value to the sales team & org at large: "Here's what audiences ar…
At ICC opening panel, @lukekintigh & @debword talk about iQ by Intel. For some background, see this post:…
?? Our morning panel discussion with @dustycd, @lukekintigh, @whitaknee, and @debword begins in 10 minutes. ICC, let…
??Did we catch you on camera during? Check out ICC event photo albums. #intelcontent

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?? We couldn’t bring you ICC without the help of our friends. Huge thanks to all of our sponsors, especially gold sp…
Good morning, #Intelcontent! We’re looking forward to another great day of talking content strategy.
ICC attendees: Don't miss "Unifying Multichannel Publishing with a Master Content Model at Mayo Clinic" today (3/2…
?? It’s the most important meal of the day! Start Thursday off right with breakfast. We'll be serving until 8:30am. #intelcontent
?? ICC attendees, a reminder that @mresort checkout is 11am. Need to store your luggage? See the hotel bell stand fo…
It’s @RamblersMBB day! ?? Any fellow Loyolans at #intelcontent? #MarchMadness #OnwardLU
TFW you get to pick where you and a friend go for dinner. ?? Thanks @crosslinc for coming along! #FilipinoFoodRocks
#intelcontent peeps! Interested in singing tonight? ?? Message me to join our Karaoke Caravan! Leaving in 30 mins! (@CMIContent)
?? What an amazing day! Enjoy your evening. We'll see you tomorrow! #intelcontent
@shannonkmurphy So great you made such meaningful connections last year! #intelcontent
?? Cocktail time! Enjoy a drink with your fellow ICC attendees. ????#intelcontent
Would love to make some new friends at #intelcontent today, let’s talk. I’m still tight with marketers I met here l…
Have your developers investigate AMP. To win on mobile, you have to be faster than your competition. Google has spo…
AMP pages load 85% faster than standard mobile pages. Avery Cavanah of Google. #intelcontent
Be maniacle about load times of mobile, says Alana Vieira of Google. Page speed will become a ranking factor in Jul…
We love our devices. But what we love more is the power our devices give. - @Google's Alana Vieira #intelcontent
Alana Vieira, Google product marketing manager, reminds marketers: Consumers expect fast, simple interactions with…
How do you scale content marketing in a big company? You start small and focused, says @dustycd. #intelcontent
You know you are at a good event when the speakers are attending each session and incorporating messages from each…

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Coming to #IntelContent March 20-22? Visit the LookBookHQ team at Booth 17 and learn the single, most powerful metr…
.@dustycd was a philosophy major and is now director of content marketing at Autodesk. What was your major in college? #intelcontent
??We're ending the day with @dustycd, Avery Cavanah, and Alana Vieira. Join us in 10 minutes in the Milan Ballroom! #intelcontent
Wondering what @mrcruce means by “content engineer”? He dishes here: #intelcontent
?? We're constantly updating our ICC photo albums. Did we catch you on camera? #intelcontent
?? We're taking a short break. But don't worry. We'll start up again in 45 minutes. See you then! #intelcontent
Audits aren’t just for content and technology. You can do a skills audit to learn more about your team. Love the fo…
Always a joy listening to @cathymcknight. She understands the frustrating disconnect between teams and technology.…
Content strategy should drive tech buys. @cathymcknight #intelcontent
Then pull the pieces together. Keep all the pieces evolving. @cathymcknight #intelcontent
Pull pieces together. Audits. Plan & strategize. Repeat. @cathymcknight #intelcontent
Content tech strategy pillar 4. Have the right team (with the right skills) who understand the strategy. And share…
Have right team w/right skills who understand the strategy. @cathymcknight #intelcontent
Content tech strategy pillar 3. Measure twice, then act. It’s never too late to start. (KPI beats ROI.)…
Measure things but know WHY you're measuring them. @cathymcknight #intelcontent
Skills audit. Content audit. Channels audit. Tech audit. 4 things you need to plot your course. @cathymcknight #intelcontent
Content tech strategy pillar 2. Be present AND look to the future. Tie content plans to business goals. Audit skill…
Be in the present, but look to the future. Have vision. Think about direction. Set course forward. @cathymcknight #intelcontent
Content tech strategy pillar 1. Don’t get distracted by shiny objects. Not everyone needs to use Watson.…

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Don't get distracted by shiny objects! @cathymcknight #intelcontent
Have roadmap for adoption of new features, functions & innovations in content tech stack. @cathymcknight #intelcontent
Marketing, content & IT teams are partners. Work together to get most value from tech investments. @cathymcknight #intelcontent
Need right team to use & make tech sing (support it & integrate in biz) @cathymcknight #intelcontent
Have explicit buy-in from senior leadership & are aligned w/corp goals for tech approach. @cathymcknight #intelcontent
We need to know & understand core parts of our content stack. @cathymcknight #intelcontent
Caught between automation and the human touch (and other dilemmas of toda’s marketer) @cathymcknight #intelcontent
Oh @cathymcknight, I heard you and was totally expecting that interpretive dance (especially to that @RollingStones opening)! #intelcontent
Everything you publish is creating your LBOW: lifetime body of work. Is your LBOW what you want it to be? @crestodina #intelcontent
Don’t start your day with you email inbox. Do something important before doing what’s “urgent.” @crestodina
You don't need 1000 articles. You need 100 great articles. - @crestodina #intelcontent
Maybe you don't need 1,000 articles, just 100 really great ones. Evolve what you have before creating new content @crestodina #intelcontent
100 great articles beats 1000 okay articles. @crestodina #intelcontent
@crestodina isn't worried about people stealing his ideas. I get it. Honestly, creative people generate so many ide…

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Content marketing is a challenge to be a generous brand @crestodina Quit hoarding knowledge #intelcontent
Content marketing is a contest to be the most generous brand. Don’t protect your best practices. @crestodina #intelcontent
Got a favorite checklist? Favorite cheat sheet? Would your audience love it? Post it! Turn your company inside out.…
An ally in creation is an ally in promotion. - @crestodina #intelcontent
.@crestodina taught me this a couple years ago. So smart! #intelcontent
Put people in your content! Your content should be a little party in itself. An ally in creation is an ally in prom…
To increase traffic AND conversions, pull compelling SEO-worthy keywords out of a testimonial and put it in headlin…
@avinash, hoping you were paid a model fee on @crestodina's #intelcontent preso. ??
Zero-waste marketing. Collaborate on your content with people who will want to share the content too. @crestodina
Time to take notes, @crestodina is speaking! One of the most engaging speakers that will leave you wishing you had…
Topics flow from sales to marketing back to sales. @crestodina #intelcontent
"Never have a conversation in private." @crestodina AGREEED. A whole world of content lives in your inbox. ??…
Answering the same sales question over and over? Put that info online. @crestodina #intelcontent
@SageLark @crestodina Maybe we should do what @EditorStahl did this morning - send them a video of mom and her new #intelcontent friends? ??
Always a pleasure to hear the latest from @crestodina #intelcontent
?? Your feedback is important! We'd love if you gave us your thoughts about today's speakers. Click on a profile and…
?? Take a moment to meet some of our fabulous ICC sponsors like @atomic_reach, @contently, and @concured! They'd lov…
@CMIContent We did not forget how much you digged our T's. We got one for one of your very own! Thanks…
Come by our booth at Intelligent Content Conference hosted by @CMIContent Our World Famous Baseball T's are flyin…
Be personalized but not creepy with the data we collect. This is not the reputation we want our companies to earn.…

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Why copy-paste approach isn’t sustainable. 6,250 variants of a single content type. @mrcruce #intelcontent
I believe that writers craft the future, changing thought. @mrcruce gets it. #intelcontent
Check out what Andrea (@aames) says on this theme, too: #intelcontent
?? Our sponsor @Aprimo just announced new capabilities with Idea Lab. Learn more at Booth 8! #intelcontent
Think about the conversations your content is creating. @mrcruce #intelcontent
For more on what @mrcruce means by content intelligence, see #intelcontent
?? ICC Lunch and Learns begin at 12:15pm. Special thanks to our sponsors: @Trendemon, @Aprimo, @exlrt, and @WidenEnterprise! #intelcontent
To connect content with customer journey, consider a content intelligence framework. (The value of your content ass…
Content is more powerful than nuclear energy. It can exist in many places at the same time @mrcruce #intelcontent
@lizargall Liz, what a wonderful way to capture your thoughts. #intelcontent
Writers = powerful spell casters. Save lives. Shape industries. Sway elections ... via text + CONTEXT. Another ICC…
#ContentEngineer Cruce Saunders (@mrcruce) drives deep, and I mean deep into the need for structured data.…
Engineering content is engineering human thought @mrcruce Orchestrate the journey based on context and aspirations #intelcontent
Intelligence nexus from Johann the shipping magnate to today’s content engineers. @mrcruce #intelcontent
Do your marketing & sales teams strategize content together? And are you going deep with your content? @rebeccag @…
The art of strategy is knowing when to say no. - Brian Halligan via @rebeccag #intelcontent
This is how intimately marketers must know their buyers. @Rebeccag #intelcontent

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Narrow focus wins the day. Don’t say yes to everything. Example: Trew Marketing knows engineers. @rebeccag
Being generic doesn’t cut it in business. @rebeccag #intelcontent
Dominate your niche. Stay true to your position. Say no to grow. @rebeccag #intelcontent
@rebeccag presenting on #persona development and saying no to grow - #intelcontent @CMIContent
Someone’s been having way too much fun with fonts. Could it be @CMIContent’s creative director @jkkalinowski?…
@crestodina @mdeziel Such big smiles! Hello friends! ?? #intelcontent
@lgrama That's a fabulous picture! Love you've been a part of ICC since the beginning! #intelcontent
Sorry, @MeganGilhooly, @megangilhooley, and ICC attendees—I just misattributed a whole bunch of tweets! The real sp…
@concured We're so thankful for friends like you! Thanks for hanging with us here at #intelcontent this week!
?? Have you visited with @percolate, @MarketMuseCo, and our other ICC sponsors yet? Give our friends a warm welcome! #intelcontent
?? Network with other ICC attendees and grab something to drink. We start back up at 10:30am. #intelcontent
Keep testing to discover how customer perception drives behavior. @MeganGilhooley walked us through her content qua…
To measure customer perception, poll people in waves. Do customers agree? Get a baseline. @MeganGilhooley
Customer perception includes the expectations they bring that impact how they engage with your content @megangilhooly #intelcontent
What drives trust in your content? Use those drivers to develop quality index. @MeganGilhooly #intelcontent
Customer behavior alone doesn’t indicate content quality. @MeganGilhooley #intelcontent
What will you measure? (1) Look at your assumption. (2) Compare quality scores. (3) Change assumptions, iterate, te…

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Your goals for your content determine how you define "quality" and what metrics matter most. @MeganGilhooly #intelcontent
Does "perfect" cost too much? Where's the threshold for your team/brand? Develop scorecard or invest in tool. @MeganGilhooly #intelcontent
Goal: how to determine content quality for your org and audience. Have to put numbers to this: scores, thresholds.…
Internal assessment = how content follows brand guidelines, style, adherence to internal approach to content. @MeganGilhooly #intelcontent
@robert_rose introducing us to #content opportunities and setting the lens through which to view change ??????…
We can’t compete for attention. Example in the background: war on the moon (from early newspaper, The Sun). Compete…
How do we move our content closer to the customer, with context and experiences? It balances scalability with consi…
Great strategy doesn't limit where content is created. It ensures wherever it is created it is great customer experience. #intelcontent
How do we move our content closer to the customer? Balance scalability w/consistency & brand. Better customer experience. #intelcontent
We can get revenue from our content. @Robert_Rose YES! We can & do @ClevelandClinic :) #intelcontent