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During September of 2016, Michelle and I had the opportunity to travel to Cleveland, OH and interview several of the most brilliant minds in marketing today.  Here are the video and audio versions of each one of those interviews:

Joe Pulizzi, Founder of the Content Marketing Institute at Content Marketing World 2016

In this show, Jeff speaks with Joe Pulizzi, Founder of the Content Marketing Institute, about this year's Content Marketing World, his 2017 predictions, what it has been like working with the new parent company, and building a different audience for Content, Inc.... Read more

Rebecca Lieb on Her Latest Research at Content Marketing World 2016

In this show, Rebecca describes her journey into digital marketing and the research she has recently conducted. She provides some great examples of how marketing teams are integrating contextual content into their efforts and some tips on making sure you get started well.... Read more

Amanda Todorovich on Content Marketing Teams at Content Marketing World 2016

Amanda Todorovich, Director of Content Marketing at Cleveland Clinic, joins the show from Content Marketing World to discuss her and her team's amazing work, their structure, and their roles. It is obvious why Amanda won the Content Marketer of the Year award.... Read more

Mark Masters on Podcasting with in a Content Strategy at Content Marketing World 2016

Mark Masters, author of The Content Revolution and host of the Marketing Homebrew Podcast joined me at Content Marketing World to discuss the differences in marketing between the US and the UK and why marketers should start embracing different content types like podcasting.... Read more

Jeffrey Rohrs on Location-based Services for Marketers at Content Marketing World 2016

Yext provides fantastic location-based services for their customers who are looking to bring some calm to the chaos that is online location listings. Jeffrey describes why location is so important for business, some lessons we can learn from Pokemon Go, and how specific verticals like healthcare are embracing that platform. Every time I get a chance to chat with Jeffrey; I know there will be a smile on my face, and will leave smarter than I was when the conversation started.... Read more

Christoph Trappe on Healthcare and Storytelling

Christoph Trappe, author of Get Real: Sharing Authentic Stories for Long-Term Success, joins the show to talk about a wide range of topics around storytelling with Content Marketing.... Read more

MJ DePalma on Microsoft, Search, and Marketing at Content Marketing World 2016

In this show, we discuss the need for search and how much further search engines are integrated into our lives through tools like Word, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana.... Read more

Rand Fishkin on SEO and Content Strategy at Content Marketing World 2016

Rand Fishkin has to be the most engaging person on the planet that is talking about SEO. On this show, you get to take part in my own personal Whiteboard Friday (or interview) with Rand Fishkin, the Wizard of Moz. We get into some great topics like content amplification, how the Northwest has molded culture at Moz, why it is important to embrace new voices in your organization to gain the benefits of diversity, and what content marketers should do if they are starting work today without a strategy.... Read more

Carla Johnson on Customer Experience at Content Marketing World 2016

Throughout the show Carla drives deeper into the components of a good story, the meaning behind a story arc, and how the Experiences Era of marketing is taking shape.... Read more

Ardath Albee on Personas and the Customer Journey at Content Marketing World 2016

On this show, Ardath and I talk about the need for personas and how marketers can start creating effective personas for their content marketing efforts. Ardath gives some great examples of how to build content that is engaging with your personas and how to measure where the customer is in the journey, based on a comprehensive plan of attack.... Read more

Buddy Scalera on Visual Storytelling at Content Marketing World 2016

In this show, Buddy shares some of the wealth of knowledge he has on the art of telling stories and gives us some great examples and ideas on how to get started.... Read more

Laura Creekmore on the Essentials of a Content Strategy at Content Marketing World 2016

Laura Creekmore, President of Creek Content, joins the show from Content Marketing World to talk about her approach to content strategy. At the show, Laura taught a Content Strategy 101 workshop to help teams get started on the right foot with a documented strategy. Laura gives us some great insights to content governance, strategy, and the basics of knowing your audience and business goals.... Read more

Nicole Smith on Enterprise Content Marketing and Strategy at Dell

To say Nicole Smith's role at Dell is complicated would be an understatement. Like most companies that have grown rapidly, Dell has seen a lot of mergers and buyouts. As these teams come together, Nicole gets to be a part of making the efforts work together as well. Since Dell has a very mature team of Content Marketers, they get to drive beyond email subscribers and online articles and get into new areas where content integrates with context.... Read more

Jessica Best on Data-Driven Marketing at Content Marketing World 2016

There are so many tips, and tricks are in this episode from Jessica, and if you are an email marketer, this one is for you.... Read more

Ira Apfel on Content Strategies for Associations

Ira Apfel, Director of Communications and Editorial Content for the Association of Financial Professionals, is a man who wears many hats. Working for a nonprofit association, he has to deploy assets to the members, through many different mediums and tactics, on a consistent basis to keep enrollment high and the value of the organization strong. In this show, I chat with Ira about his digital, social media, print, and podcast strategies. This interview is a great case study of someone who is doing a great job at deploying a content marketing strategy.... Read more

Jonathan Kranz on Copywriting in Content Marketing

Jonathan Kranz, the author of Writing Copy for Dummies, joins the show at Content Marketing World to talk about copywriting. Words on the page, whether that is digital, voice, or print, are still the most important aspect of content marketing. You can have great images, amazing video, but the story gets told with the written word.... Read more

Pamela Muldoon on Podcasting and Marketing Automation

To say things have changed a little for Pamela Muldoon in 2016 would be an understatement. She has a new home, new town, new career path, and a new outlook on her podcasting. In this show, Pamela and I discuss marketing automation, helping attract leads for our clients, alternatives forms of content than traditional blogs and articles for content marketing, what it means to have a hobby of marketing, and of course, podcasting.... Read more

Mike Turner on Marketing in Aviation

Like many of you, I have always been fascinated with flight and the craft of aviation. There is something about that run across the runway and that moment of liftoff. In this show, Mike Turner, Senior Marketing Manager at Textron Aviation, tells us all about the approach he takes to market to pilots, businesses, and the other personas at Textron.... Read more

Matt Heinz on the 50 Essentials Content Marketing Hacks

Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing, joins the show at Content Marketing World to talk about 50 essential content marketing hacks that marketers can use today to make your efforts work better. In this show, we start off the conversation on how to be agility in marketing can help lay the framework for adopting the tools he suggests.... Read more

Andrew and Sam on Embracing Storytelling Through Illustrated Video

Andrew J. Herkert, Chief Revenue Officer, and Sam Annala, Director of Business Development of TruScribe join us at Content Marketing World to share their insights on video marketing and the use of animation. Starting with a one-man whiteboard video company, TruScribe has grown into a diverse company with software and services for their customers.... Read more

Corey Morris on Changes in SEO and Marketing

On this show, Corey Morris, Director of Digital Strategy at ER Marketing discusses some of the changes in SEO we have seen over the last few years and why it is important as SEOs to start to consider strategy.... Read more

Jennifer Harmel on Change Management in Marketing

We all have to deal with change in our companies, but when it happens inside our marketing teams, it can be very hard. In this show, Jennifer Harmel, Executive Vice President at Annuitas, shares with us on how she helps her enterprise clients come up will a great strategy, create amazing content, and optimize it for success.... Read more

Andrea Fryrear on the State of Agile Marketing

I love it when I get to sit down and chat with Andrea Fryrear about Agile Marketing. It is one of the reasons I saved this show for the last from Content Marketing World 2016. In this show, Andrea and I discuss the state of Agile Marketing and her new community, the Agile Marketer.... Read more

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