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Let me first define what it truly means to me to have the "whole package."

It's not just about the looks, the hair or the wear – it's how you work it! And BaubleBar works it.

  • Products I need (that could be subjective)
  • Free shipping
  • User-friendly online experiences
  • Interactive social media marketing

I finally found a store that has my style of accessories at an affordable price that does not look cheap. Honestly, it's a struggle to find all of that wrapped into one. #GirlProblems! (Also, please note that I am not getting paid to speak highly of BaubleBar ... I just like what they offer and more specifically, how they market their products).

What excites me more than what they have is their use of social media to display their products and how they interact and utilize user-generated content.

I dare you ... click on any product on their website and scroll toward the bottom of the page. You get to see how real people are wearing their baubles, not just how the stylists suggest you wear them.

User-Generated Content from BaubleBar

Why is this so genius? User-Generated Content.

1. Less work for BaubleBar!

By prompting users to submit photos to be featured, they don't have to constantly create new ways to wear products. Not as many photo shoots, stylist meetings and brainstorming sessions on how to do what hasn't been done. The fashion industry allows for a little more creativity and subtle redundancies (same product, different colors, etc...), but what if you work in an industry that doesn't allow for that creative freedom?

I once worked on social media for a company that sold honey. It was fun at first because I was new to honey. I learned so many ways to use it for cooking and cold remedies as well as hundreds of honey facts. However, when it came time for social media photos that needed to include product placement...

I began to run out of ideas. How many times can you wrap a mini scarf around the honey bear to say "yay Autumn is here" or make the bear wear a Santa hat? Once. You can do those fun ideas once.

User generated content when executed correctly, is crucial to social media because it provides authenticity and engagement without demanding all of your resources.

2. It Fills In The Voids!

Most marketers have hopefully used a content calendar, and if you haven't, I recommend getting on that bus. Or, feel free to message me with what you do instead!

Sometimes the content calendar is filled for the next two months with photos, copy, and backup ideas. Other times, that content calendar is looking slim, putting you in a bind to find valuable content among all the other work responsibilities that are piling up on your desk. Ease some of that stress with user generated content! When you need a post for #FanFriday, pull in some photos submitted by users, testimonials, reviews, etc...

Tip: Before you start grabbing everyone's pictures and re-posting their words, make sure you have the appropriate attributions so you don't get in trouble. Apps like "Repost" allow you to literally re-post someone else's photo while correctly citing the original author.

3. Free Buzz!

Who doesn't love free?! (If you don't like free and prefer to pay for things ... please send me a message. I have bills.)

User generated content is the best way to spread the word about your product or service. It's free advertising – from real people – who have experienced interaction with your brand. Let me break that sentence down one more time.

  • Free advertising - Save money on traditional ads by using social media. If you can organically engage with your audience, do it! If you need that paid advertising option, social ads are often more affordable than billboards and TV commercials.
  • From real people - It's all about being authentic. Society naturally looks toward the approval of others – we trust what our peers say and experience. Which if positive, leads us to gravitate toward a purchase and if negative, we most likely will not travel down that path.

If you are crossing your T's and dotting your I's, free buzz is an overall positive for your company.

Tip: Put a plan in place to handle negative buzz. It happens! We live in a world where pleasing every single person 100 percent of the time is just not doable. Be smart, be calm and be prepared.

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