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Evangelist. It has a religious connotation, doesn't it? Someone traveling the world, proselytizing, aiming to get people to convert to their system of beliefs. Clearly, I am not an evangelist in that sense. I sometimes stand behind or near a podium. The similarities end there.

My job, really, is that of an advocate and consultant. "Content Marketing Advocate" simply does not have the same ring to it. "Content Marketing Consultant" only describes half of it and besides, that title is so five years ago.

So what do I do and WHY would LinkedIn pay me to do it?

A Day in the Life of a Content Marketing Evangelist

Let's start with what. We'll take today as an example. No two days are alike of course, but today's schedule is slightly more appealing than others. A "Day in the Life" post about yesterday's activities would have been shorter and mostly filled with research for upcoming workshops and presentations. Today, however...

6:00 am: browse LinkedIn on mobile to find compelling examples of executive publishing and branded content. Find one but not the other. Make a mental note to keep reminding marketers to stop being so corporate and start acting like human beings. This is social media, after all.

7:00 am: I'll spare you any details. It can be boiled down to two hours of parenting and adulting.

9:00 am: regional catch-ups with teammates in Europe and Asia (yes, I have a team. There are about 10 content marketing evangelists at LinkedIn at the present. Shoot me a note if you love to facilitate workshops, consult brands across different industries on their strategy, and have a POV on the results that content marketing can bring to an organization.)

10:00 am: reply to a prompt from LinkedIn that my last post only amassed 157 clicks. Check publishing feed and realize I've not written much this year. Click on "drafts." Hence, this article.

11:00 am: a run-through of a promotional video for the next Content Masterclass event. I do more than evangelize content, you see. I produce it too.

1:00 pm: consultation with a CMO on best practices for publishing on LinkedIn

4:00 pm: internal training on the latest integrations for Lead Gen Forms. As LinkedIn plays better with a marketer's technology stack, my job of helping clients make the most of the platform becomes more interesting.

6:00 pm: attend the latest One Question debate on the topic "what does brand really mean?". Since part of my job involves speaking at marketing conferences, I am always thrilled to attend events that bring in perspectives outside my own industry. One Question is such an event.

That about covers the "what I do" part of the equation. Consults, education, inspiration. Challenging marketers to do things differently, to do them better. To make meaningful connections with audiences through great content.

Why an evangelist?

Now, why does LinkedIn have a global team of content marketing evangelists?

The short, cheeky answer is this: to keep bad content off LinkedIn. That's my personal goal anyway.

A much more articulate answer would be: to help marketers create a mutually beneficial approach to marketing on LinkedIn through developing a content strategy that informs, entertains and inspires.

Companies possess a wealth of knowledge. Rather, their employees possess a wealth of knowledge. On my best days, I get to teach marketers how students and professionals are using LinkedIn. We (me and the client and agency) work together to map messaging and content to the professional mindset. The benefits are twofold: members get better content in their feed, and marketers are rewarded with better engagement that drives real business results.

In my workshops, it always helps if everyone in the room has a fundamental understanding of the content ecosystem on LinkedIn. For that, check out the brilliance that is the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog.

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