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Content to healthcare is like fuel to a car. 1 in 20 Google searches is health-related, and if your organization doesn’t have great content and isn’t showing up in those results, there is no doubt it’s impacting your bottom line.

“Being a member of the content marketing team for The University of Kansas Health System, I found the 2017 Health Summit to be both instructive and inspiring. I will never forget Cleveland Clinic’s Chief Experience Officer, Andrienne Boissy, MD, speaking about caring for patients. She quoted Susan Sontag, ‘Everyone who is born holds dual citizenship, in the kingdom of the well and the kingdom of the sick.’ It has inspired me over the past year to keep pushing forward through the challenges of several simultaneous digital and content marketing initiatives.
Hearing directly from leaders in our own industry speak to the issues we uniquely face in healthcare as content marketers is an invaluable experience. Attend whenever possible. Repeat often.”
- Marcia Francis, Marketing Digital Strategy Development Manager, University of Kansas Health System

Cleveland Clinic is an industry leader in content marketing, and we have been fully committed to furthering that leadership position for a number of years. We have established a robust, growing content marketing department that is 100% focused on creating the content people are looking for every day – to ensure we are there for them in those moments of need and to provide the answers they desperately seek via Google or Alexa or social media. We have ramped up our SEM efforts and are expanding our health library and social content capabilities. Health Essentials is the most-visited hospital blog in the country. ConsultQD is a fast-growing destination for physician content - expected to generate more than two million visits in 2018.

We are passionate about content, and as such, we are once again partnering with Content Marketing Institute to offer the Content Marketing World Cleveland Clinic Health Summit on Friday, September 7th.

I’d love for you to join us and hear more about what we’re doing, but I’m even more excited to present our partners and friends from Facebook, Google, HIMSS, Verywell, Adcom, Falls Digital, Ahava Leibtag, Buddy Scalera and more! I promise you a day full of actionable insights and detailed analysis of how this whole “content game” works and tips for winning it.

You do not have to attend Content Marketing World to attend the Health Summit – but it is a wonderful combo if you wish to do so, especially since Tina Fey is coming this year! Either way, we’d love to have you join us in our hometown, especially for cocktails on Thursday, September 6th as we kick-off the health summit with a wonderful opportunity for healthcare marketers to network and chat in our Cleveland Clinic space at the Global Center for Health Innovation.

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