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SMCKC December Breakfast - KC LOVES

by: Michelle Julian

Published on
Monday, December 5, 2016

SMCKC December Breakfast - KC LOVES

SMCKC's Monthly Breakfast is a great event to learn about some amazing strategies and examples for all marketers in Kansas City. It's early in the morning, costs very little, and is packed full of information.

My First SMCKC Experience

As I am driving up to Grand Street Cafe, I was hoping to run into a familiar face. I pulled into a parking spot. I looked over and there sat Jessica Best, tweeting of course. A sigh of relief as I could walk in with someone I know. One of my biggest hesitations is walking into events where I don't know anyone.

First up checking in, just state your name and you're done. As Jessica and I look around the room for a prime seat, the smell of coffee greets me with a robust smile. We quickly grabbed our seats, got our coffee, and I hit the breakfast buffet. Even if I didn't know anyone, the members of SMCKC are great at introducing themselves and talking to you right away, putting anyone at ease.

Who is KC Loves?

KC Loves is introduced, and they tell us about themselves like this:

"KC Loves celebrates creativity — in art, business and life. Ours is a collection of fearless entrepreneurs, oddball culture-makers, as-yet unknown inventors and problem solvers who are special enough to do what they do anywhere in the world but choose to do so here. Kansas City is full of cool people doing cool shit. And this site is a place for us to celebrate those stories, spread the love and inspire each other."

These guys are working hard on creating great content for some amazing KC locals.

There were some very easy takeaways:

  • Marketing comes in all sizes, S, M, L, and XL
  • You don't have to work globally
  • There's tons of talent in your backyard
  • People want to collaborate
  • Rich content is the goal

The most amazing thing for me is listening to their passion about using local artists. Anything from a video, music, cartoon art, and much more. As KC Loves is just getting started, they are looking for local talent. Check out their site kcloves.com to submit your ideas.

SMCKC AMPS Awards Ceremony

One of our favorite local events is the AMPSKC Awards put on by the team at SMCKC.  This is the final week to get your submissions in for the awards, so if you are a local KC firm and you has some amazing content you would like to share, make sure you submit!

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