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Long gone are the days of witty advertisements that entice consumers to indulge in commodities and services. The art of advertising is not lost, but today, consumers want relationships. They want to have trust in an organization, feel a connection to the brand, and it's people, and know that they are making the right choice along with their customer journeys.

Put piercing taglines and eye-popping artwork aside, the key component from the Mad Men-era that translates well into the modern day is relationship building. Half of the time Don Draper won business simply from wining, dining and taking the time to converse with potential clients. Never underestimate the power of personal interaction.

It may not be in all of our budgets to take connections to dinner, but there is a way to build and maintain relationships on a daily basis that only takes five minutes – LinkedIn notifications and messages.

LinkedIn allows the opportunity to send messages to connections who are celebrating birthdays, new jobs, work anniversaries, and more. It also populates messages for you, so the only thing you have to do is press send. However, here is the pivotal moment for strengthening your relationships – DO NOT use the scripted copy. Just don't! Take a minute to personalize your notes. They don't have to be long, but your small efforts will be noticed. At this point in the LinkedIn game, everyone knows what the scripted messages say, and no one cares. What your connections will care about, is if you put your voice and sincerity behind each message that you send.

Action Items to Stand Out

By taking five minutes each day to go through recent updates and send personalized notes you:

  • Open yourself up to future conversations that may lead to potential business opportunities
  • Re-introduce yourself to connections who might have forgotten about you
  • Allow your connections to create positive associations between you and your company
  • Learn about opportunities that might benefit you as well

Don Draper didn't have the convenience of sending a Happy Birthday email, but you do! Utilize free, time-saving tools, such as LinkedIn, to get your foot in the door and start building genuine relationships.

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