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Bert Van Loon

Bert Van Loon


Bert van Loon grew up in the publishing industry and built his experience in a variety of publishing specialities such as trade publications, consumer magazines and special interest custom publishing. Across these publishing areas he applied all possible media types (print, online, events) extensively.

The first part of his professional track was dedicated to building businesses for publishers. The past years have been dominated by the challenge to develop modern marketing-communication strategies for business in general and using publishing experience to help organisations in building a dialogue based relation with their audiences.

In this day and age communication is everywhere and the saying goes “Every Company is a Publisher”. Bert van Loon argues that this expression is only partly true. Companies should indeed use publishers’ strategies, tactics and techniques to attract, engage and serve their audiences. However the focus of a publisher is towards aggregating audiences based on common interests in order to create outreach for a multitude of advertisers. Companies should indeed use publishers’ skills to deliver relevant, useful and entertaining content to cater for their audiences, but the ultimate goal is to satisfy a variety of individual needs for every single client.

Content Marketing is all about bringing existing expertise about Advertising, PR, DM, Publishing, SEO, Consultative Selling and Entertainment together and redefine them according to the changing communication behaviour of your audiences. Our challenge is is to make communication effective for business purposes, accountable and fun! Bert van Loon is happy to inspire you in alignment with his motto: “I believe #ContentMarketing is to today, what advertising was to the 60s! Mad Men become Meaningful Men!”


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