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David Fortino

David Fortino


David Fortino, Vice President of Audience Development at Netline Corporation, brings a wealth of expertise in developing strategic distribution partnerships. His core strength lies in expanding targeted and contextually relevant audiences through strategic relationships and channel partnerships spanning leading industry marketplaces.

Most recently, Fortino was Director of Business Development for NetLine, effectively growing NetLine's partner network to over 4000 active and targeted distribution sites. Prior to NetLine, Fortino served as Director of Strategic Alliances and Audience Development for VerticalNet and VertMarkets.com. While there, Fortino drove the strategy behind aggressive audience growth of VerticalNet/VertMarkets' 68 B2B online properties. Fortino spearheaded and implemented a plan resulting in VerticalNet's audience development strategy, moving from a traditional pull model to a distribution and syndication model, and ultimately shifting cost dependencies away from internal resources. Fortino holds a B.A. in Media Studies with a track focus on Corporate Communications from Pennsylvania State University.


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