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Newell Thompson

Newell Thompson


As the former VP/Marketing at Time Inc. he is an experienced media professional with nearly two decades in the publishing industry on his resumé. Newell has led native and custom content development and implementation across Time Inc.’s news and sports brands.

Under his leadership, this team launched the Fortune Knowledge Group, built a multimillion-dollar video business, built and monetized strategic partnerships with the National Urban League, Wounded Warrior, PGA TOUR, Girl Scouts of America, and many others. Prior to his most recent stint at Time Inc., he worked with a social commerce start-up and consulted with a handful of early-stage technology companies, such as JagTag, Moontoast, and DivX. Newell’s experience includes sales and marketing posts at Gannett, Condé Nast and National Geographic, as well as other positions at Time Inc.

Newell is currently the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Fabl.


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