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Holiday Wisdom From a Marketing Grinch

by: Jason Miller

Published on
Saturday, December 23, 2017


Doug and Jason are always full of great advice. I think it is because they are a few hours ahead of most of us folks in the US!
Doug Kessler is a marketer who knows the value of contrary opinions and a proper, whole-hearted debate. The post he chose to narrate for our festive playlist is from a blogger who prides himself on going against the flow when it comes to the latest buzzy marketing concepts: The Ad Contrarian (aka Bob Hoffman). When the rest of the industry is happily dancing around decking out their strategy with a few trendy ideas and sharing in the feelgood vibe of how cutting edge they are, The Ad Contrarian likes to steal in Grinch-like and pull the rug from under the festivities....
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