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This article is not about a specific marketing situation or piece of advice, but if your team isn't getting along your marketing will have a direct effect. People don't work well in toxic environments. I strongly ask that you don't just look at your team but look at yourself as well. As they say many times the flaws you point out in others are flaws you have yourself. Keep your environmental happy and energized, your ROI will thank you.
Alexandra Gerbasi, Andrew Parker, and I found that the effect of one de-energizing tie is four to seven times greater than the effect of a positive or energizing tie. In other words, bad is stronger than good. This means that countless coworkers are often sucked into the negativity, bringing about a host of ill effects, such as less information sharing, plummeting motivation and performance, and a decreased sense of thriving at work (defined as feeling energized and alive and that one is continually improving and getting better at one’s work)....
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