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Why Celebrating Wendy's Tweets Is All Wrong

by: Jay Baer

Published on
Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I am with Jay on this one. No matter what your beef is with someone, you should beware of how you handle these situations. This could have gone way wrong for the brand, and the risk taken to call out trolls online with a restaurant's social media account should be a company-wide decision based on the chance of affecting the brand and sales. Engaging with a positive and non-snarky response wouldn't have made headlines, but it would have accomplished the same message you were trying to make and was far more responsible. As Jay says, hug your haters!
You can argue that calling out customers on Twitter increases passion for Wendy’s, but at what cost? If this is what social is becoming—a place where brands play gotcha with one another and with customers—I very much question the business value of that approach, especially because the true success/failure equation is almost impossible to determine....
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