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Content needs its own engineers, these days. Matthew Balogh and host Jeff Julian sit down at this year's Intelligent Content Conference to examine the opportunities that technology has created for intelligent content, and how marketers and technologists need to work together to realize the full potential of their strategies.

Matthew Balogh is a Senior Director of Content Engineering at The Medicines Company, and content engineering is a new role in the marketing world. Matthew uses his experience as an agency software engineer and marketer to essentially provide a deeper, more strategic understanding of the needs of the content strategy and how the resources at hand - whether those be in talent or technology - can accommodate those needs.

"Understanding how things work, having a root understanding of that, so that you can solve problems in the future, I think that's really important."

This episode gets nerdy in all of the best ways. Jeff and Matthew discuss the history of content management as well as some of the modern processes and technologies that marketers use to collect useful, game-changing data from content consumers. "[Stakeholders] want to tell you the end of the story. They want to read you the last page first and say 'This is what I'm looking for. The butler did it. Fill in the pages.' That's a hard thing to do as a technologist. Because [if you've every played Clue, you know] there are so many ways you can kill the butler!"


Matt Balogh is a leading Content Engineer specializing in pharmaceutical multi-channel content strategy who combines a degree in Engineering, an MBA in Marketing, and nearly three decades of coding experience to create the systems and strategies that support and inform content that changes behavior.

Matt is currently the Senior Director of Content Engineering with The Medicines Company and former CTO of Ogilvy CommonHealth where he established and led the innovation team. He is an active speaker and hosts a bi-weekly podcast on MarTech in the healthcare industry. Matt has global experience implementing intelligent content systems.

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