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Ever wondered what drives the decision makers behind Content Marketing Institute? Cathy McPhillips, VP of Marketing at CMI, and host Jeff Julian came together for a quick chat at this year's Intelligent Content Conference and examined the strategy that propels some of the world's most well-known content events.

In previous years, ICC was an event focused on featuring and supporting content strategy which, to a huge portion of marketers, is still a fairly new concept. Now, the event draws marketers of all walks and the CMI minds work to broaden marketers' understanding of intelligent content.

Cathy and Jeff also discuss the marketing focuses of CMI and what they are working on to reach marketers and convert them into event goers. "Marketing automation is huge for us right now... We have 200,000+ names in our database. We don't want to send them all the same message. They deserve the same message."


Cathy is the VP of Marketing for the Content Marketing Institute where she oversees marketing efforts for all CMI properties. Prior to joining CMI, Cathy has 20+ years in marketing, including agency life, B2C, national restaurant and non-profit marketing, and her own marketing consulting business. She is currently a board member for The Orange Effect Foundation.

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