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"[Google is] creating this super industry around data science and AI." Search ranking factors are becoming more elusive and marketers and technologists are working harder than ever to deliver the right content to the right audiences. Doug Bell, VP of Marketing at Searchmetrics, and host Jeff Julian discuss the future of SEO and what Searchmetrics is seeing as 'signals' that land web pages in top SERPs.

"Google's job is to ultimately over time make sure...that the content gets better and better. [There are] two different trains of thought on how to accomplish getting great content in front of your average consumer ... the content marketer tends to be kind of creative and tends to be kind of expansive in their thinking and [SEOs]... tend to be data-driven. So then, how do you kind of marry those two worlds together?"


A 20-year technology veteran, Doug has been instrumental in leading companies through critical milestones. Prior to joining Searchmetrics, Doug led the repositioning of Automation Anywhere, from a provider of desktop automation software that could be purchased with a credit card to a global force in the multi-billion-dollar outsourcing industry. Doug was also responsible for leading the transformation of Determine Software’s Sales, Marketing and Alliances organizations, resulting in a successful transition to the cloud and the company’s first sustained revenue growth in more than 10 years.

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