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Understanding what is working with your audience is at the core of Content Marketing, but most marketers leave this up to chance.  Other times we just focus on what everyone else is doing and model that and we leave our differentiator behind.  So what can marketers do to help bring insights into reality versus our gut feel?

In this episode, Jeff sits down with Andrea Neiman of NetLine to talk about a report they released called the State of Content Consumption and Demand Report.  Inside, they use real data to show you the consumption topics and types of content B2B professionals use to make decisions and improve their ability to be effective at work.


With over 10 years of marketing experience and an MBA, Andrea Nieman has been focused on product, brand and channel marketing for enterprise and SMB companies, selling to a variety of audiences within several industries and through many communication and engagement channels. She can intimately understand how to contextually position B2B and B2C companies that deliver SaaS, Perpetual Licensing, and Hardware solutions through meaningful storytelling.

More unique as a marketing professional: Andrea empathizes with customers, peers, and management through her keen ability to get to the heart of what matters most; and she has proven success in developing solutions in fast-paced and quickly changing environments.

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