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Customer Journey is one of the most deceptive and alluring terms in Content Marketing.  After the words come off your tongue, you imagine an adventure involving sword fighting, trials, tribulations, and the purchase of your products.  Your customers should thank you for your skills of sorcery and ability to foretell their future. Your efforts will lead them down the correct path with their best interest in mind the whole time.

However, most of the time, these journeys are just sales funnels flattened out and are the best guess of what we think our customers are going through when they are considering the purchase of a product like ours.

In this podcast, Noz Urbina and Pamela Muldoon discuss the important aspects of customer journeys and how marketers can create useful tools that align with their prospect and customer goals.  Later in the show, they dive into the topic of reuse and repurpose in Content Marketing that will help clear up any confusion.


Noz Urbina is a globally recognized leader in the field of content strategy and customer experience consultancy who can effectively bridge organizational and user goals. He’s well-known as a pioneer in customer journey mapping and adaptive content modeling for delivering personalized, contextually relevant content experiences in an omnichannel environment. He is a co-author of the book Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefits and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences, Graz, Graz, Masters Programme in content strategy.

He has coached teams, developed processes and spearheaded solutions that have helped some of the world’s largest organizations leverage their content assets to stand out in their sectors while avoiding headcount increases and wasted costs. After 14 years in the content world, he founded his consultancy Urbina Consulting in 2013.

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