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"What would you say you do here?"  If the Bobs from Office Space were to invade your Content Marketing team, would they be able to understand your role as Content Strategist and how beneficial it is to the organization?

"Content Strategy is not just for marketing."  The role is as much internal as it is external.  You have sales teams who need to use content to convert the audience.  You have HR teams that need to drive culture and long-term employment.  Then you have the customer who needs value, and you need to build up as much trust as possible, and in Buddy's industry of pharmaceuticals, confidence and value are key.

In this episode, Buddy Scalera explains how important it is for teams to understand Content Strategy and to drive a story that can quickly bring people up to speed and continue them on a journey that they are driving and receiving value along the way.


Senior Director of Content Strategy at The Medicines Company. Healthcare communications, digital health storytelling & visual content strategy by day. By night, comic book writer and visual storytelling educator. Speaks on the topics of content strategy, multichannel content marketing, social media in pharma, intelligent content, content engineering, analytics, transmedia storytelling with intellectual property, and user journeys for healthcare professionals and patients.

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