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When your marketing team is focusing on the channels rather than the primary asset, the content, you loose the ability to understand the quality of your leads coming from your site.  You don't know what they have seen, where you think they are going, and why they are where they are.  Being able to have a ledger of content consumption habits of this user and comparing that to where you want them to go and what others have found valuable, you really start to be able to drive customer journeys.

In this podcast, Nick Edouard, President and CMO of LookBookHQ, discusses the need for triggering content assets that are part of a journey to drive the bingeing habits of site visitors for greater engagement and giving them more control over the journey.

We also answer the following questions:

  • Why is Content Marketing software needed?
  • Where does the Content Management System fit in?
  • How do we bring content together that is spread throughout the web?

Not all Content Marketing software is the same.  If you buy a CMS, CRM, or Marketing Automation platform, there is a particular set of problems each is tasked to complete to be in that category, but that is not so in Content Marketing software.  Near the end, we get into a topic that is near and dear to my heart, the interoperability of MarTech vendors and the need for a Knight's Round Table conference for beginning the conversation about how we can work together in harmony for the health of the stack and customers, rather than be in an arm's race and be competing with companies that we should not actually be competing with.


Nick Edouard is Co-Founder, President, and CMO of LookBookHQ. Nick has previously founded or led several high-growth technology companies in Canada, the US and the UK including Broadreach Networks (acquired by QinetiQ) and Macropolitan (acquired by Arqiva). He was most recently President, North America of Nomad Digital, the leading global provider of connectivity solutions to the transportation sector. A frequent speaker at conferences and events, Nick holds an MA (Hons) degree in Classics & Philosophy from Trinity College, University of Oxford. He’s still figuring out what to do with it.

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