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For a Content Marketing effort to work, you have to focus your work on creating consistently delivered content that is valuable to an audience.  Sometimes our personas are simple, due to the lack of geographic area we have to cover.  However, the value received in an article written for a banker in the United States could be completely different than that of a banker in Kenya.  In this episode, Pam Didner and Jeff Julian discuss the new for Global Content Marketing teams and how you can get started by using the resources you already have if you are facing this issue.


Pam Didner is a marketing consultant, author and speaker, whose international book, “Global Content Marketing”, is the first to offer an accessible, comprehensive process to scale content across regions. During her tenure at Intel, she led enterprise product launches and worldwide marketing campaigns as a global integrated marketing strategist. She has been a repeat speaker, and workshop presenter at several highly regarded events around the world.

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