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Michael Brenner, one of the highest rated and most loved teachers on the marketing circuit, has had several changes in his career over the past few years.  In this episode, we dive deeper into what the transition was like to go from a big enterprise, then to a smaller company, and now his latest move, starting the Marketing Insider Group.

He describes how his book, The Content Formula, came to be and gets into a new book idea he has outside of the genre of marketing. Instead, he hopes to deliver value around corporate leadership.

In his final thoughts, he gives some advice for the struggling marketer trying to get a content marketing effort off the ground.

We will continue publishing the shows from B2B Forum on Mondays and Fridays until we January.

I would love your thoughts and commentary on the share.  Email me at jeff@enterprisemarketer.com if you have something you would like to share.

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