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Samantha Stone is one of the most excited marketers I have meet to talk about the issues of sales and marketing, that after you meet her, the excitement is so contagious, you want to go out and put her words into action.  In this show, Samantha shares some of the thoughts and concepts she wrote in her new book, Unleash Possible.  In it, she gets into topics like measurement, account-based marketing, steps to bring the conversations with management to the next stage, and the issues between sales and marketing.

One of my favorite quotes in the podcast from Samantha was, “More leads is not the answer.  We need more opportunities.”  Leads, qualified or not, still need engagement from the marketing team and the idea of handing off them is no longer acceptable.  We need to work together with sales to ensure the customer has the right information, when they are ready, to make the best decision for them.

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