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For most of us, at some point in our careers, we will be asked to speak in front of a crowd of people.  For some, this might be the most frightening moment in their lives.  For others like Andrew Davis, this is a moment for them to shine.

On this show, Jeff Julian sits down with Andrew Davis to talk about his career as a keynote speaker and what goes into the art of telling stories to a live audience.  Jeff and Andrew share their personal experiences of speaking and how working with an audience to drive home the point is key.

Andrew gives us some insight into how he helps other speakers define their voice.  Some key takeaways he gives new speakers trying to get started are:

  • Get a deep passion for what you are speaking about before you create your speech.
  • Turn your idea into a drawing and explain it to a mentor in the field to help you learn how to describe it.
  • Don’t pack everything into the first three minutes of your presentation
  • Learn from other media sources about how to tell a story.

Andrew’s authenticity nature is contagious.  Talking to him excites you, gives you insights into those areas you need improvement and the energy you need to get started.  I hope you take as much away from this conversation as I have.

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