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As 2016 concludes, the biggest conversation that continues to occur is quality vs. quantity in content marketing.  We need to continue to scale our content, but as Ardath says, “it isn’t about scaling content, it’s about scaling outcomes.”

In this show, Ardath and I continue the conversation we started at Content Marketing World 2016 about what makes content great.  I love how Ardath makes the point that scaling your content efforts isn’t about more, it is about performance.  To come to that conclusion, you must think beyond the marketing department.  With 30 years of experience in business management, Ardath explains how it all comes down to revenue.

So to grow as marketers, we need to align our content objectives with measurable business results better over time.  Stop reinventing the wheel with your content, and start refining your work using agile strategies like the ones we discuss in this show.

The next time you go to produce a piece of content, ask yourself this question: Why it is important to produce this piece of content?  For the business, for the customer, for the team.

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