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Tish Millsap, Content Strategy and Demand Generation Consultant, joins the show at MarketingProfs’ B2B Forum to talk about Account-based Marketing (ABM), Demand Gen, and the intersection between sales and marketing.

During this show, Tish and Jeff share some in-depth lessons they have learned over the years, to help marketing teams perform better and gain a seat at the table when it comes to corporate strategy.

One of the first places Tish suggests marketing teams look at is the data.  If you can’t attribute the information you are using to a source and verify that source is current, it might be time to start cleaning it up.  Once you know the data is clean, can your efforts be amplified with the use of data.  We’re not talking about filling in the first and last name in your Twitter or email automation.  We are talking about context.

With a background in technology, Tish has also found the agile approach to content planning and execution to be beneficial for marketing teams.  Around the midpoint of this conversation, we pull the elements together and talk about the logistics of agile planning in a marketing context.

We hope this show will help you think outside the box when it comes to an upcoming marketing effort your team has.

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