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Have you ever wished you had better alignment with your Sales department?  Maybe you are not sure what is expected of you when it comes to demand generation and marketing qualified leads?  Do your content marketing efforts seem like they are just fizzling out and the return on investment is harder to measure?

If these sound like questions you are asking, this is the perfect show for you.  Carlos Hidalgo, CEO and Principal of ANNUITAS, and show host Jeff Julian address these topics and more on this episode of the Enterprise Marketer Podcast, Conference Edition.

If the past five years has taught us anything, it is that Sales and Marketing departments need to have closer alignment than ever before.  Carlos says the old adage of, “Sales is my customer,” is a thing of the past, and has been replaced with, “the customer is my customer!”

And with mantras like this and more advanced and integrated systems in place, we can see better results and healthier organizations.

In this episode, we dive into topics like measurement, systems and process integration, demand generation, and effectiveness of marketing efforts.  We also take a look at the customer journey and how the decision-making process in a B2B transaction is more in line with our own personal purchasing habits than it is the sales funnel.

We hope this show will help you think outside the box when it comes to an upcoming marketing effort your team has.

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Team Challenge

Ask the members of your team the following questions and discuss the results:

  • How are we aligned with Sales in our marketing efforts?
  • What is one pain point the Sales team is facing and how can our systems/data/efforts help them today?
  • Name 5 customer and prospects that are important to the company, then name the people inside the Sales organization that are in charge of managing the opportunities for each? With the list, determine the frequency of interaction you should have with these individuals and team members who should be assigned to conduct the communication.

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