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Doug Bewsher has one of the most remarkable career paths I have seen in marketing.  He has been the CMO of Skype and worked with the company during some of the most transformational points in our digital age.  He has been the CMO of Salesforce and leads the team to some amazing strides during the time when a new focus on the user persona of the marketer was established.  Now he is the CEO of Leadspace and gets to solve some of marketing and sales biggest problems: finding qualified leads, knowing when to engage, and scaling for growth.

On this show, Doug Bewsher shares some of his experiences on his path from the CMO to CEO.   Later in the show, we dive into how marketing can empower sales and the way AI and enhanced MarTech tools can allow you to scale.

We hope this show will help you think outside the box when it comes to an upcoming marketing effort your team has.

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