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People often get overwhelmed just thinking about all that has the be done with a marketing initiative.  However, once they start building momentum and the using tools and techniques to keep them on the right track, they get the peace of mind required to do good work.  In this show, Ja-Nae Duane joins us to discuss how Lean principles and the mindset of an entrepreneur can be used in your marketing programs.

We hope this show will help you think outside the box when it comes to an upcoming marketing effort your team has.

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Ja-Nae Duane is a recognized speaker, artist and author on entrepreneurship, creative economies, and social change. The author of How to Start Your Business with $100 and How to Create a Revolution has captured the media’s attention, appearing in The Associated Press, NPR, The Boston Globe, and Business Week.

Ja-Nae is an entrepreneur-in-residence at Clark University, author, and Founder of the Revolution Institute.

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