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Sue B. Zimmerman was gracious to co-host the Enterprise Marketer Podcast this week to discuss Instagram.  During this show, Sue shares some of the great resources she offers business owners or marketing teams to build their brand on Instagram.  We not only discuss the positive approach to a strategy but spend several minutes on the conversation of what not to do.

Since Instagram is all about community, Sue shares some great insights into the interactions she has with her community and why it is so important to her to be authentic and also protect her community.  Jeff describes what the term community means to him and get into some of the communities he has developed over the years and how much love enters the equation along with empathy.

Sue always has some great resources available, but you can attend one of her free webinars on 12/7 and 12/8 by registering at: http://suebzimmerman.com/freewebinar

Don’t forget to tag an Instagram post when you listen to the show with “#SueBMadeMeDoIt @enterprisemarketer"

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