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The use of technology continues to become the norm for marketing teams as we move deeper into the digital age.  With great technology hopefully comes great data, but most of us see that data as the minefield of false positives and confusing due to the disconnection between our platforms.

In this show, Jayme Thomason and Jeff Julian discuss what is exciting about technology today and how marketers can use data to create better testing scenarios to analyze the what the data is showing and how your audience is responding to your marketing.

One of our favorite quotes from Jayme is when she describes herself as “not into science, but an arts-type person.”  Most marketers have degrees with an arts focus, have embraced the creative side of the craft for years, and can’t remember the last time they used the more complicated statistical formulas they were taught in high school or college.  But this is not a stance we can hold anymore.  No matter what the size of our team, we have access to data that can allow us to make strategic decisions about what content is working and what we should do next.

Jayme Thomason has spent her 12-year career solving the most complex digital marketing challenges for companies of all sizes. She has built several successful businesses, including a software company, DivvyHQ and her latest venture, Brink Insights, where her team helps companies analyze the results of their marketing activities, uncover hidden opportunities for growth and simplify down to the core drivers of business.

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