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The Content Marketing Spectrum can be difficult to understand.  You have Content Marketing on one side, brands creating content on a consistent basis to reach and audience. But, as you start to move down the spectrum, new approaches bring to light new ways to reach your audience.

In this episode of the Enterprise Marketer Podcast, we talk to Melanie Deziel about two of these topics on the Content Marketing Spectrum, Branded Content and Native Advertising.

Melanie, who in my mind is the most reliable source when it comes to information on Native Advertising and Branded Content, began her career as a journalism student with an emphasis on investigative journalism.  As a budding storyteller, she quickly found the market did not have a lot of opportunity for a journalist.  Not letting this stop her, she made her way to the Huffington Post, where she got her start in Branded Content and Native Advertising.

After HuffPo, Melanie landed herself at the New York Times, where she worked with the team that is now known as TBrand Studio.  There, she helped lay the foundation for other traditional print media companies to join the ranks of the Times by starting to produce content for brands that is distributed on their channels.

One of the pieces she worked on was the Orange is the New Black piece that showed how the prison system in LA County operated and how women in prison were treated compared to men.  This campaign was a masterpiece in the making, as the team put together infographics, 1500 words of newsroom-quality content, and three mini-documentaries.  Little did the team know, but they were creating one of the most referenceable pieces of Branded Content and would kick off a new way of looking at brands and media companies working together in the digital age.

Now, publishers like the New York Times and the Boston Globe can augment their revenue channels beyond subscriptions and traditional advertising, with this intelligent approach of leveraging talent and audience to help brands tell stories.

Throughout this show, we dive into the numerous topics surrounding Branded Content and Native Advertising, and Melanie gives us a proper definition and examples of what the terms mean and how they are executed.

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