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Most Agile Marketers find their way to Agile due to the influence of a technical person in their life. A spouse, a friend, or a former career. However, for Marti Konstant, Founder of Konstant Change, was attracted to the approach due to the Project Management aspects of the approach.

Marti states, "I think Project Management sounds kind of boring when you think, 'Oh, I am going to be a Project Manager when I grow up. But if you think, 'I am a Marketing Project Manager and I get to help complete campaigns,' it brings a whole new level of interest and excitement to it."

Agile is finding a new home in nearly every business unit in the organization, but what about using it to help you build your career? In this show, Marti Konstant describes her approach to coaching individuals into using Agile methodologies to their careers.


Marti Konstant is a tech marketing veteran and growth hacker focused on kickstarting market demand for startups and B2B tech companies. As Vice President of Marketing at Open Kernel Labs, Marti defined the mobile virtualization space and created demand within the global mobile device market; taking the company from launch to emerging growth stage. OK Labs software is now in 1.5 billion mobile handsets worldwide.

She builds on a competence in tech sales and marketing experience in companies such as Apple, Tellabs, Clear Communications, and Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs).

Marti began her career as a communications designer, headed up her own marketing communications firm, and launched marketing and branding programs for companies including Westell, Tellabs, Mobius Management Systems and Platinum Technology (CA Technologies). Later, as VP of Marketing at branding consultancy zünpartners, she pioneered process-driven brand research and integrated the voice of the customer to build and position brands for market success.

Marti earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois, and holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Other points of distinction: creative catalyst, persistent optimist, and avid long distance runner.

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