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Welcome to the Explicit Content Podcast. In this very first episode, hosts share a little about what this brand new podcast-for-marketers is all about. Listen in to get a better idea of what to expect from the show and its slightly unconventional format, as well learn about the hosts and what inspires them to be a part of the podcast.

Here are the host introduced in this episode:

Jeff Julian is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Enterprise Marketer. He has been helping companies develop content strategies for over ten years, after launching one of the largest blogging communities, Geekswithblogs.net.

Melanie Deziel is an award-winning branded content strategist and consultant, and the founder of StoryFuel, the native advertising consultancy. She is a board member of the Native Advertising Institute, has served as an executive judge for the Digiday Content Marketing Awards, and travels the country educating marketing, sales and editorial teams on branded content strategy.

Andy Crestodina is a co-founder and the Strategic Director of Orbit Media, an award-winning web design company in Chicago. Over the past 16 years, Andy has provided web strategy and advice to more than a thousand businesses. As a top-rated speaker at national conferences and as a writer for many of the biggest blogs, Andy has dedicated himself to the teaching of marketing.

Megan Zander is a content strategist working with brands to develop content experiences that help move the needle on real business objectives. At Sullivan Higdon & Sink, she works with clients and very talented creatives to create content that solves problems, inspires influencers, and engages communities.

Joe Cox is the Founder and Creator at The Pop-Marketer. His passion lies in the relationship building & influencer relationship management both online & off. Working with smart people and doing smart things to bring brand's & people to the level that they deserve to be at is what gets him up every day (that and a 5Hour Energy).


Welcome to the Explicit Content Podcast. I am so excited to get this thing off the ground and launched with my friends, and I can't wait to introduce you guys to them, but the idea behind this podcast is to fill the gap in the marketing space to come up with a podcast that has several hosts, several topics, is very consistent, week after week, and we'll be honest and upfront about what marketing tools and tactics work and ways that you can live out your strategy on your marketing team and hopefully have some excellent results. My name is Jeff Julian. I'm one of the hosts of the show. I'm also the founder of EnterpriseMarketer.com.

My background is in software. I grew up as a software geek. I wrote software for the majority of my career and then when the market changed in my audience became a marketer instead of an IT team. And I really dove in and said, hey, look, if I'm going to understand what marketers need, I need to become a marketer myself. So I put the ones and Zeros away, and I grabbed my hair and started marketing. And it was a significant change and what tools I thought would work and what tactics and how easy I thought it was going to be, was thrown completely on its head. And so over the past five years, I've really learned a lot about the marketing space, a lot about some of the experts in there, and I just felt there's a gap in our community. We really need to pull some great content together and what's the best way to do that and get a whole bunch of friends together, launch a podcast, right? And so that's what we're doing here. So today we're going to introduce several of our podcast hosts, but not all of them, but first I want to get to my buddy here in town. We're both from Kansas City. His name is Joe Cox. He runs pop marketer. He is such a genius when it comes to social media and strategy. And so he will be on our social media show. Berlin mill it. Joe introduced himself.

Hello marketers. This is Joe Cox, and this is explicit content. It's a new podcast that we're creating for marketers by marketers. We're, we're taking a lot of different types of marketing and a lot of different types of channels that are being used in 2018, and we're stripping out all the hype, all the bs, all the buzzwords, and we're getting down to real conversations about what we're actually doing and the impact is happening on the modern consumer. I am really excited to be a part of this team.

Well, Joe is such a smart guy, and I can't wait to hear more of his episodes and some of the conversations he has on the social media show. But next up we have another Kansas City favorite. This is Megan Zander who you will hear a lot about her through segments in the shows. She'll be launching a few of them. One of them is tactic of the moment and then some other ones, like an unsolicited thought. You'll hear some great things from Megan throughout all the shows, and we can't wait to hear from her, but gear, let me, let her introduce herself as well.

Holler. My name is Megan Zander, and I'm a content strategist and community engagement specialist at Sullivan Higdon and Sink in Kansas City, Missouri. I'm so excited to talk to you about a new podcast that I have the distinct pleasure of co-hosting along with some of the most genius minds in content marketing, including Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media, Joe Cox of Barkley, content marketing podcast legend Pamela Muldoon. Katie Martell is on digital marketing, Demian Ross at social media examiner, Lindsay McKinney of Yext, entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant Melanie Deziel. And of course the wizard behind and in front of the curtain, co-founder of Enterprise Marketer, Jeff Julian. At SHS. I work with national and local brands to create strategies for content that amplify the brand's message and invites audiences and communities to have meaningful interactions with them. I'm fascinated by material because of its ability to go beyond the message and become a sort of branded element that communities will choose to engage with.

I can't wait to share all of my crazy ideas and to learn and grow from my fellow podcasters and you, the marketing community. I feel like this will be more than a podcast. This will be a 360-degree view into or in this case, eavesdrop into what marketers are doing today to create beautiful, engaging content that builds relationships with brands and consumers and the format is very simple. One past kept one podcast a week to marketers sharing their thoughts, rotating hosts every week and so much opportunity to be inspired and learn about new perspectives. I can't wait to share this with you, the marketing community, so stay tuned. And now, you can't think about SEO without listening to this next host. He's been on stage and keynotes at Content Marketing World. He runs a company out of Chicago that does some amazing work and he is the one and only guy that I can sit through with a smile on my face for an entire hour during his session and just feel like I'm capturing so much knowledge that I needed to go back and re-listen and re-listen over and over and over again just to catch up with him. But this is Andy Crestodina, and he and I will be hosting the Seo show. And so here's Andy introducing himself.

Hi, this is Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media Studios, and I want to let you know about a project that I'm starting with some friends and some amazing collaborators. It's a podcast called explicit content. It's gonna be so much fun because a, I've done a lot of different things and my favorite things were always very collaborative, and this is going to be super collaborative. We're going to have conversations with all kinds of industry experts on topics that I love. Andy, if you're connected to me, you'll probably love to, it's going to be content strategy, search analytics, all about digital best practices, Lead Gen, we're going into the practical side of a lot of my favorite stuff, and I'm actually only one of the several hosts. It's going to be co-created with a lot of people, including Melanie and Katie and Pam and Demian and a lot of people that you probably are already listening to them connect with.

But in such great format audio. Now I go way back. I'm kind of an old-school marketer in this world now. This is 18 years of search and analytics work. I've done, it's about 10 years of content strategy, social, email and, and blogging. So what we're going to do is combine it all into a format and a framework that doesn't hold back. It's gonna be kind of fast-paced. There's gonna be a lot of different input. We're going to have some strong opinions. We're going to have, uh, some, some research, some latest trends and takeaways for everyone. Every time it's coming to you in your earbuds, explicit content, stay tuned to this channel, and we'll make sure that we share it with you and that you know where to find it. So again, Andy from forwarding media, thrilled to be collaborating with Jeff Julian again and we'll see you on was the content and today's show. We'll wrap up with one more introduction. My friend Melanie Deziel, who is the native advertising guru of the world. She will be hosting a show with me on native advertising, but really she's doing the bulk of the work. I'm just along for the ride. She is such an amazing journalist and amazing content producer. She really brings that world of journalism towards marketing and makes it feel like there are brew need and home for people with her expertise and marketers like myself can learn so much from her, and the way that she captures dialogue, capture stories and represents that. But with that native advertising flare that makes it very unique in a, an approach that I think all of us really need to look into when it comes to creating content that lives somewhere else. So here's Melanie introducing yourself.

Hey there, explicit content podcast listeners. I'm Melanie Deziel, the founder of his storytelling education consultancy called StoryFuel and international keynote speaker and your host for all things native advertising. I come to the world of native advertising from journalism. I studied investigative reporting at the University of Connecticut, and I got my master's in arts and cultural criticism from Syracuse. So I approached branded content and native advertising like a journalist would. I helped teach my clients and my conference audiences the importance of things like audience-centric storytelling, rapid content idea generation, the value of evergreen content. The importance of attributes of facts, diversity of sourcing, and more prior to founding story fuel, I worked full time and the native ad space for a variety of publishers that offered native ad production for brands. Got My star at the Huffington Post as a native ad strategist before I went to the New York Times as the first editor of branded content there. While I was there, I worked with all kinds of brands, and I got to write the piece that won the Oma Award for best native Ad Execution in 2014 and 2015. The 2014 piece was written for Netflix and orange is the new black, and it was widely hailed as having proved that native ads could be done editorially. It ultimately performed in the top two percent of all content on the New York Times that year and what that says to me is that brand content that meets editorial standards can perform just as well as editorial. After the New York Times. I spent some time at time inc where I worked as the director of creative strategy across all 35 of our US publications from time and people to sports illustrated entertainment weekly, and what I learned there is the power of context, the need to adjust our content for each unique audience that it reaches and each platform that it lives on nowadays. I also serve on the board of the native Ad Institute in Copenhagen, and I teach content marketing at fairly Dickinson University here in New Jersey. When I'm not here in Jersey. I'm on the road taking my message to the stage at conferences around the globe. I'm really grateful for your time, and your ear and I'm really hoping to make the native ad segments of the podcast something you really look forward to. I like the idea of getting to share and have really frank conversations about native advertising so you can expect us to tackle the questions that we need to be asking in order to tell better brand stories and to explore the occasionally uncomfortable truths about making quality brand content that works. I would love to connect with all of you, so find me on twitter. I'm @mdeziel and check out the site, StoryFuel.co. Learn more about how we help brands and marketers learn to tell better stories

That does it for Part One. Next week we'll have Damian, we'll have Pam, we'll have Katie, and Lindsay introducing themselves and then after that we'll get this show kicked off, and so I can't wait to get it going. And so if you want more information, go to EnterpriseMarketer.com or explicit content podcast.com and get signed up for our newsletter will be released in a show every week. So I hope you're here to listen and please give us your feedback on Twitter, on Facebook, on email, whatever you need to do. Just tell us what you want to hear, what you like and what you don't like. This is a new format, a. This is a new approach to podcasting for our space, and so we're very excited to try new things and get this information out to you. So thanks for listening and we'll see next time.

Thank you for listening to the Explicit Content Podcast. For more information, check out EnterpriseMarketer.com.

Introduction to Our Hosts - Part Two

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