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This is Part Two of the Introductions to the Explicit Content Podcast Hosts (Part One is here if you missed it).  Just a reminder of what we have put together on this podcast, we will have five different shows, rotating on a weekly basis, with two hosts for each show. Our goal is, to be frank, honest, straight to the point, and explicit. No bullshit. We will not try to lead you in a direction we don't believe in, and we won't try to pull the wool over your eyes to stroke our egos.

So, what are the shows?

  • First up is the SEO and Data show with Andy Crestodina and me.
  • Next, Demian Ross from Social Media Examiner and Joe Cox of Pop-Marketer will dive deeper into Social Media.
  • Melanie Deziel and I will cover Native Advertising, but let's face it, Melanie is the real star.
  • Our fourth show, Katie Martell, and Lindsay McKinney will dive into the interworkings of the marketing team and what goes into digital marketing.
  • And finally, veteran podcaster Pamela Muldoon and I will be jumping all over the topic of Content Marketing.

Over time, our show will change. New shows will be introduced, new hosted will be added, and my hope that some of our shows will move into a weekly rotation of their own. Enterprise Marketer could not be happier about launching this show and are very proud of the hosts we have brought together.

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Enough of the yapping, let's get the team. This week, we will hear from Lindsay McKinney, Demian Ross, Pamela Muldoon, and Katie Martell.

Katie Martell creates buzz and drives market demand as an on-demand marketing consultant, writer, and speaker based in Boston, MA.  Katie has been recognized as one of the top 10 marketing writers on LinkedIn, #3 Most influential B2B marketer on Twitter a “marketing expert to follow” by CIO Magazine, one of 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management, and a top 100 influencer in content marketing

Lindsay McKinney serves as Senior Director, Brand and Strategic Marketing at Yext. A 360-degree marketer, Lindsay has managed global Demand Generation, Events, Analyst Relations, Public Relations and Content teams over her 13 years in marketing at Sitecore, Salesforce (via the acquisition of ExactTarget) and Hyland Software. Lindsay has quarterbacked high-tech organizations' analyst relations strategies with outcomes, notably Leader positioning, in a score of tier-one analyst evaluations. She has also orchestrated demand teams to exceed targets and grow quarter-over-quarter pipeline growth. Lindsay has been an active member of Forrester's Analyst Relations Council since 2006.

Demian Ross, a Sales and Marketing professional with 20+ years sales and marketing experience, specializing in digital media, social engagement, public outreach and creating quality content. He professional, analytical, and results driven. Demian is adept at conceptualizing and implementing marketing campaigns for a wide variety of clients and products. Strong results are derived from tailoring a campaign to a company’s current needs while simultaneously forecasting their future ones. 

Pamela Muldoon brings over three decades of marketing and media experience to her various roles in the content marketing industry. Her passion is helping brands and individuals get the right content in front of the right audience at the right time. As a content strategist, she works with B2B companies to tell a better story while ensuring sales and marketing work together to reach their audience. She merges her background in radio, voiceover, and podcasting as a consultant and coach, believing that audio is still the most intimate form of content you can produce.


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Jeff Julian: Welcome to the Explicit Content Podcast. I am this weeks MC Jeff Julian and I have the pleasure of introducing you to the rest of the hosts for the Explicit Content Podcast. Just as a reminder of what we have put together on this podcast, we will have five different shows rotating on weekly basis each with two hosts of the show. Our goal is to be frank, honest, straight to the point, and explicit. No BS. We will not try to lead you in a different direction that we don't believe in ourselves and we won't try to pull the wall over your eyes or stroke our own egos.

So what are the different shows? Well, first up, We'll have SEO/Data and that's with me and Andy Crestodina. We're going to sit down and talk about everything you need to know about analytics and what will make your websites perform. Next Demian Ross and Joe Cox will be diving deeper into social media. Then Melanie Deziel and I will be covering native advertising but let's face it, Melanie is the real star. I am just along for the ride. For our fourth show, Katie Martell and Lindsay McKinney will dive deeper into the inter workings of the marketing team and then what goes on in a digital marketing strategy for the large enterprise. And finally, veteran podcaster Pamela Muldoon and I will be jumping all of the topic of content marketing.

Over time, I hope these shows will change. I want new shows to be introduced. I want to new hosts to be added and my hope is that our shows will move into a weekly rotation of their own. Think of this as the big kind of launch show and that's where Explicit Content will be. Enterprise Marketer cannot be happier to launch these particular shows and we are very proud of the host that we have put together in and I can't wait to bring these shows to you.

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This week we'll hear from Lindsay McKinney, Damian Ross, Paula Muldoon, and Katie Martell.

First up, Lindsay McKinney and I met several years ago at Content Marketing World. I was trying to convince her and I ended up getting her on the Midwest Marketing to cover what she talked about at her role in Sitecore. And things have changed significantly for Lindsay for over the past few years. She moved from Cleveland to Seattle and now she's working with Jeffery Rohrs at Yext. But let's Lindsay continue the introduction in her own words.

Lindsay McKinney: Hey marketing enthusiasts! This is Lindsay McKinney, Senior Director of Brand and Strategic Marketing at Yext, analyst and relations nerd, and a lover of a good copy edit. And this is Explicit Content, a podcast series that dives right in to offer a 360 degree review and view into the nooks and crannies of the vast world of marketing. The marketing revolution lives on as strong and one thing is for certain, this podcast will get to the bottom of trends, tech research, and provide the news you can use and to do so, I'll be co-hosting a series aptly named, “Truths, Lies, and Digital Marketing” with the sharp, talented, and apologetic Katie Martell.

Marketing's not all just fun and games. We'll dig into the topics that matter, interview the best and brightest in the trenches, and at the end of the day, we'll all be better marketers for it. But don't take our word for it. Join us and enjoy Explicit Content.

Jeff Julian: Up next, my new friend, Demian Ross and we met through another friend, Carlos Gillan on Facebook. Damian was about to hit the road, this was over a year ago in an RV, and Carlos knew that we spent a significant amount of time in ours. So you never know how you'll can make these connections but when you do, they are awesome. And so instantly, I found myself chatting for hours with this stranger and we quickly became friends. Demian is the host of his own series called “The Road to 300” and it's a video series that he does a daily show and he kind of drives and motivates you to continue to do what you're trying to do in social media but him on this show we'll be brought together with Joe Cox and they'll be diving deeper into those one by one episode topics.

So let's let Demian tell us a little bit more about him.

Demian Ross: Hey, what's going on? My name is Demian Ross and I'm one of your hosts of the Explicit Content Podcast. And when I'm not traveling the country full-time in a fifth wheel, I've been doing that for almost 14 months now, 26 states, about 2,500 miles, I work for a great company called Social Media Examiner which, obviously, socialmediaexaminer.com and I work on the Bizdead team for the Social Media Marketing World Conference.

I'm excited to be hosting kind of all things social but really just keeping it real and raw. Maybe you don't know, I've been recording a new video every day for the last 142 days at the time that I did this recording and it's really taught me a lot about just being real and human on social media for both brand and then also for yourself.

So I look forward to connecting with you. I'm grateful that you're going to be listening to the show and if you have any questions, comments, concerns, hit me up. You can find me anywhere @DemianRoss. Let me spell it for you. D-E-M-I-A-N-R-O-S-S. @DemianRoss, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, I'm there. Well I'm not Snapchat but I'm basically everywhere and you can find me. Thanks!

Jeff Julian: If you are person, a connoisseur of podcasts in the marketing space, surely you've heard of classics like PNR This Old Marketing and I love that it's been almost a year since they've closed that down so that we can call it classics. Maybe they'll revamp and get that thing back off the ground over at CMI. But at the beginning of each show, we heard this introduction:

And now for your listening pleasure, here's Pulizzi and Rose, PNR This Old Marketing. Take it away boys.

And for most of us, that was the first time we heard our next host, Pamela Muldoon's voice. She's a voiceover coach. She's been in radio for years and she is also been a podcaster for a very long time. She had her own show called “Content Marketing Next” for years and she would introduce new topics and talk about what was in the past and what's going forward.

Being a podcast veteran, I knew that she could help me formulate ideas, help us come together and find our own voice, and bring that marketing strategy to the table that you need when you roll out a podcast. So I'm so excited that one, be hosting a show with Pamela but to also be able to use her as an asset on our team.

So take it away, Pamela!

Pamela Muldoon: Hi there! I'm Pamela Muldoon and I'm welcoming you to the Explicit Content Podcast. I am so excited to be working on this project with my fellow hosts for this podcast. There are multiple talents and skills that are going to come together on this and we're going to be talking about all sorts of stuff that involve content, strategy, content marketing, content operations, digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, everything and anything possible in the digital marketing spectrum and then some. Perhaps even some traditional marketing conversations.

I've been working in the marketing space for three decades and the last, oh, 12, 13 years, focusing my attention on the digital marketing space. I'm excited to be participating. I currently work at the Pedowitz Group as a campaign and content strategist and I work every day with enterprise marketing organizations, improving how they get the right content in front of the right people at the right time.

So please, join me and my fellow host on the Explicit Content Podcast. We really hope you'll tune in.

Jeff Julian: And finally, the fabulous Katie Martell. I first met Katie by watching a few of her presentations online and I was just floored. She is an amazing speaker. She can captivate an audience and pull you in. And so I reached out to her to see if she'd have a chat with me about personas when I was writing the book, “Agile Marketing.” And we talked for over and hour on the phone and I knew she was going to be somebody I wanted to keep close in my life and continue to talk about and dive deeper into these marketing topics.

She just gets it. She's one of those people that you can always know she's telling you the truth and she has you in her heart and in her best interest.

And so, here's Katie diving a little bit deeper into what makes her tick.

Katie Martell: This is Katie Martell. I'm an on demand marketer, author, speaker, and executive director of Boston Content. Someone once called me an unapologetic marketing truth teller and so true to form, I want to tell you about a new podcast that I'm so delighted to be a part of, Explicit Content. Explicit Content is a collaborative podcast collation. It's the brain child Jeff Julian and it's going to bring together a tribe of hosts. They're all talented marketers, all very opinionated, and we're all dedicated to bringing uncensored and real conversations about this crazy world of marketing.

Now I get to host alongside the brilliant Lindsay McKinney and our show is called, “Truth, Lies, and Digital Marketing.” Each episode, we'll talk about what's really happening in the industry, what we're seeing, what we're hearing. We'll tackle wild misconceptions, we'll present new research, and we'll share some practical advice to help you keep up with the world that is quick changing and post truth.

We're going to have guests on the show to give us expert takes on digital marketing topics and we'll talk about everything from email and content marketing to leadership and team building to demand generation, customer insight, and everything in between. Now this is a show for digital marketers who want the truth.


And the truth is there's never been a more exciting time to be a marketer. I'm Katie Martell and I cannot wait to share Explicit Content with you.

Jeff Julian: So that's it. That's the team. What do you think? Let us know what you're excited about, what topics you want to hear on this five different shows and with these amazing hosts. One thing each of these hosts have in common is that I respect the hell out of them. Each one of them, I have spent hours diving into the world of marketing via phone, sitting at conferences, sending out text messages, or messenger, or in some of their cases, driving to their towns and hanging out with them for several hours at time. They're amazing and I hope you get the pleasure of getting to know them well and maybe if you're at Content Marketing World this year, you can come out and check out some of the recordings we're doing in and meet some of these hosts.

And I want to end this week's episode with a clip from next week's show with Andy and I discuss some of the things in SEO that people have been saying for years that maybe you should not lose any sleep over anymore because they're not just accurate. So here's a clip from next week's episode.

And the little thing that I've got a friend request from the Google Bot. So it probably can't log in and see my content because that's how Facebook secures it or I've never got a like-

Andy Crestodina: Right.

Jeff Julian: Right? And never said-

Andy Crestodina: Google likes-

Jeff Julian: Bing Bot likes you.

Andy Crestodina: I wish.

Jeff Julian: Like, “Oh, I'm going to win now.”

Andy Crestodina: Yeah. Can it even be crawled? Should it be crawled? Why would they bother crawling that? And if they did, what kind of value would you think that link would pass to you? So the idea of page authority value being passed directly from social media links is a ridiculous idea.

Jeff Julian: Thank you for listening to the Explicit Content Podcast. For more information, check out enterprisemarkerter.com.

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