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This week Joe Cox interviews Gregg Witt about the current state of youth marketing in 2019.

Gregg is an entrepreneur, brand strategist author and speaker known for his profound work in youth culture. We’ll be talking a lot about the recent book he published 'The Gen Z Frequency' a super comprehensive Playbook for brands and marketers wanting to gain attention from the generation that’ll make up 40% of total US consumer spending by 2020.
He’s worked on the brand, agency and consultancy side of a ton of brands we all know FunnyOrDie, AwesomenessTV, Walt Disney World, Vitamin Water, Nissan, and Carhart WIP to name a few.

We talk about:

  • Gregg’s past in the skateboarding world of the early 90s
  • How the current social media environment mirrors the energy of early skate culture.
  • How Gen Z is different than millennials.
  • Building a playbook for Genz marketing
  • The famous Nike story of entering the skateboard culture in the 90s with the introduction of the SB Dunk. This story has always been spoken about but was first published in Gregg’s book.
  • How brands like Red Bull and Nike enter cultures and where brands get it right and wrong.
  • Social media and Gen Z
  • The three things that social brands should look out for when trying to attract Gen Z.

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