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With a focus and background in social media and influencer marketing, Joe Cox and Megan Zander discuss the surprises that came out of this year’s SXSW and the future of creator and influencer marketing. How Facebook’s new focus on privacy may be more profitable than advertising and what marketer’s should be watching with TikTok.

SXSW and the Art of Asking

The birthplace of Twitter and Foursquare, SXSW has a long history of being a place where trends transition to the main stream.  Joe had a tough time finding any big moments at this year’s festival until Megan informs him about Amanda Palmer and her fan following on Patreon. 

Joe and Megan talk about Amanda Palmer and her book The Art of Asking:

  • Her performance at SXSW and how it evolved the traditional format
  • How Amanda Palmer interacts with her fans through Patreon
  • Amanda’s marriage and performance with famed sci-fi and fantasy author Neil Gaiman
  • Joe talks about what marketers should be watching more closely in the creator & influencer marketing spaces.

Facebook Privacy

What does Mark Zuckerberg’s recent statements about the future of Facebook business mean for the future of the platform and specifically the future of WhatsApp?

We talk about how privacy could be more profitable than advertising and that just because more resources are spent on this effort, it doesn’t mean that they’ll be slowing down in advertising and their traditional revenue builders.

Lastly, Joe and Megan talk TikTok, and what marketers should be looking at if they want to explore the channel more.

Megan fills us in on TikTok’s interesting history and has millions of younger users that are acting and singing their heart out on the daily.

Joe & Megan breakdown the user experience and how TikTok shows a positive future for the next generation and the main thing marketers should be looking at if they want to participate in the channel today.

They also cover how TikTok’s Chinese ownership and recent fines for teen privacy will come into play in the future and what look outs marketers should be aware of as they discuss using or exploring advertising or participation in the channel.

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