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Video Marketing Training Series

Have you ever wanted to take on a video project for your marketing efforts, but just didn’t know where to begin?  Maybe you know exactly what you want, but you don’t have the budget or the approval to engage with an agency to get it done.  For me, I knew what I wanted and how I had to do it, I just didn’t have the skillset to get it done.

If you find yourself in any of these positions, it is easy just to dismiss the practice and stick with the written word.  No one ever got fired for starting a blog, right?  (Well, I did get fired for starting a blog once.)

Part I - Series Introduction

In this series, I will teach you how to make the right steps in starting a video marketing strategy for your team, pull together the best resources, and even start capturing video with an in-house production team made up of you and your fellow marketing team members.

Part II - The State of Video Marketing

Before we jump into the basics of starting your video content strategy, it will be good for us to understand the state of video as a marketing tool today for reaching audiences.

We will answer questions like:

  • •    Do executives use marketing videos?
  • •    Does video enhance email?
  • •    Do people share more than cat videos?

Part III - 6 Amazing Video Marketing Examples

Who would have thoughts a guy with a whiteboard, camera, and a hipster mustache would be able to take over the SEO education space?  Who would have dreamed up a manufacturer of commercial blenders would be a YouTube sensation by showing off products you can’t eat or drink using his product?  And my favorite, who would have thought a software developer could take a poker table to conferences and sit down with some of the most knowledgeable marketing thought leaders?

These are just three of the examples we go through during the third session in our video marketing training series.  I will add my commentary to share why I think these six do a fantastic job of reaching their audiences with video.

Video Series Covered:

Part IV - Video Marketing Strategies

“What is our strategy for video?”  If that is a question you are fearful of hearing at your next leadership meeting, then this session is for you.

We all “understand” that it is important to document your strategy.  We “know” that is it key to sit down and think about what we are doing before we start doing it.  But, we just don’t have time to do that make that happen, right?  Wrong.

We have the time, we just don’t have the discipline and we don’t value the outcomes.  I am in this boat too, so that is what I created this lesson to go over the different approaches and strategies to video marketing.  I want you to step back and just take a moment to consider your approach and the scope of work that goes along with doing it well so you can ask yourself, “what is our strategy for video?” and answer the question.  If you could write it down, even better.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • •   The reasons we can’t do video marketing
  • •   What video strategies look like that are simple, moderate, and complex in nature
  • •   What workflows we need to produce for each video
  • •   BONUS: my first video produced in middle school

Part V - In-house Video Production Tools

No matter what strategy you select, have a base understanding of the tools you need to produce video will help your team communicate better and get to the finished product you had in mind.

But, if you are like my team, in-house is the only way you can embrace video marketing due to budget constraints or buy-in.

In this session, we will go through several tools and products you can use to help you produce a video.

We cover cameras, lenses, lights, cases, and other accessories that will help you capture the footage you need to make amazing videos.

Part VI - How To Win With Video Marketing

We wrap up this series with a little encouragement and some last steps to help you on your video marketing adventure.

I give you some tips on getting started and ways you can continue your team’s education on video marketing.