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Part IV - Video Marketing Strategies

    “What is our strategy for video?”  If that is a question you are fearful of hearing at your next leadership meeting, then this session is for you.

    We all “understand” that it is important to document your strategy.  We “know” that is it key to sit down and think about what we are doing before we start doing it.  But, we just don’t have time to do that make that happen, right?  Wrong.

    We have the time, we just don’t have the discipline and we don’t value the outcomes.  I am in this boat too, so that is what I created this lesson to go over the different approaches and strategies to video marketing.  I want you to step back and just take a moment to consider your approach and the scope of work that goes along with doing it well so you can ask yourself, “what is our strategy for video?” and answer the question.  If you could write it down, even better.

    In this session, we will discuss:

    • •   The reasons we can’t do video marketing
    • •   What video strategies look like that are simple, moderate, and complex in nature
    • •   What workflows we need to produce for each video
    • •   BONUS: my first video produced in middle school